DIY Lego Minifigure Storage

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Krazy Glue. All opinions are 100% mine.

DIY Lego Minifigure Storage via

I’ve talked before about how my 8 year old son, Zack, is utterly obsessed with LEGO.  When he’s not building with them, he’s talking about what he wants to build with them or what one of his friends built with them.

And with his obsession comes my vast knowledge of the sound of a LEGO being sucked into the vacuum cleaner or the feel of a 2×4 brick underfoot in the middle of the night.  I know the rest of you parents with LEGO obsessed kids can relate.

A few summers ago, I took the kids – by myself – on a 2 week road trip across the southern part of the country.  It was a moment of insanity, but we all survived.  Along our adventure, we picked up a LEGO magnet (like this one) from LegoLand in Florida.  It sparked an idea in my mind to get some of Zack’s beloved Minifigures off of the floor.

DIY Barbie Doll Jewelry Holder

DIY Barbie jewelry holder for little girls via

Before we had a daughter, Tom and I didn’t really believe in the whole nature vs. nurture thing.  I mean, we had a son, Zack, who enjoyed things like dump trucks and toy tools, but we just assumed that it was because we were DIYers who lived in a neighborhood that was under construction.  But when Emma arrived, she threw us for a loop.

As soon as she started walking, Emma would find just about anything to turn it into a purse to carry on her shoulder – a Target shopping bag being among her favorites.  It quickly progressed into shoes, tiaras, dresses and jewelry.  None of it was anything we encouraged in her, so the fact that she just seemingly knew about accessorizing blew our minds.

Now that Emma is a few years older, I needed to find a place to put all of her little necklaces.  My original plan was to paint a pegboard with different color stripes to match her bedroom.  But then, things went off the rail a bit.

Easiest DIY “Lamp” Known to Mankind

bundled cloth cord lamp via

When I was working on Emma’s room, I needed to figure out something to go in the space to the right of my grandmother’s antique vanity.  I searched a few stores for something that would work, and while I was at World Market I had a light bulb moment about a DIY lamp.

bundled cloth cord lamp via

I bought a red cloth cord swag kit there to create my own light (same cord as I used in my DIY Thrift Store Ice Bucket Pendant Light).  I considered making a lamp to hang from the ceiling.  But when I was playing around with ideas, I came up with something entirely different.

A Project Fifty Years (Plus Two More) in the Making

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine.

midcentury modern plastic decorator panels turned window hangings via

I have a healthy skepticism of DIY products that promise the moon and the stars.  Even though I know that it’s completely bull headed, it’s always hard for me to believe that there are really such big advances in things like paint or glue.

So, imagine my feeling when Elmer’s approached me to do a review of one of their premier glues – ProBond Advanced.  Yes, the same Elmer’s that makes the school glue that I probably ate 30 years ago.  They asked me to create a mixed materials project that showcases ProBond Advanced’s ability to bond wood to metal, glass to concrete or ceramic to drywall. I generally make it a practice to not make projects just to make them (ain’t nobody got time for that!) – even if someone wants to pay me to do so.  This time, though, I did have a mixed materials project that had been on the back burner for some time, so I decided to give it a go.

Now for some history on this project.  Back in May of 2012 (yes, almost two years ago!), my friend Pam of Retro Renovation sent me an email and told me to go see a guy here in Austin who had stumbled across a bunch of brightly colored plastic decorator panels from the 1960s (Pam wrote a post about them here, where you can find more details about their history and more pictures of the different patterns and colors of the panels). The guy’s father-in-law is a picker who got his hands on an unopened box of these beauties in an old Pennsylvania warehouse.  I bought three of them from him – two are blue and have a bottle design and the other is green with a bubble design.  He told me to lay them flat so that they wouldn’t break (they are a little brittle from age), so I slid them underneath my bed.

And they were there until a few weeks ago.  Seriously.

Road Trippin’ to Round Top

This weekend has been what has gotten me through every hour of 2nd grade homework, every 3 year old tantrum and every oversized load of laundry for the past few months.  I have been counting down the weeks, days and minutes.  My friend Heather (the Queen of Everything) and I are road trippin’ to the Round Top antique market on Saturday.

Being the crazy gals that we are (I’m just saying that the two of us in tandem are dangerous), we are going to shop ’til we drop.  This will be my 5th (6th?) trip to Round Top – one of the country’s best antique/vintage shows – and Heather’s first. It’s a good thing I drive a pickup truck.

We thought it would be fun to let you guys in our trip, so we decided to real-time Instagram our road trip and shopping experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly (and I promise there will be loads of all 3).

Follow along on Instagram to virtual shop the Round Top antique market.  Search #werockroundtop on IG!

The Great Wall of Ikea

So, I have this giant wall.  Well, I have five giant, 2-story walls in my house, but today we are going to focus on one particular wall.  I’ll never forget the first time I had friends over to our (then) new house, and one of them looked at it said and said, “How are you going to decorate that?”

Uh…well…hmmm…{blank stare}.  The things you don’t think about when you are house shopping.

Six years later, I still had the same blank stare.  Over the years, I did hang some random candle holders and an iron thingy that I found somewhere for half-off, but I never really liked it.  It wasn’t me and it felt like something I just put there to have something to put there…because I did and it was.

After we had our walls painted white, I vowed to not put the random stuff back on the wall.  But I did decide that I needed something giant on that giant wall.  Maybe giant like the rug I’ve been coveting from Ikea?  Sure, giant like that.

how to hang a rug on a wall via

Okay, but let’s back up and talk about how this happened.  Here’s something you guys need to know about me.  I am not afraid of climbing up a ladder.  But, I am TERRIFIED of climbing down a ladder.  I mean, we are talking freezing up and not being able to move.  I got stuck up on that ledge above my front door once, and my husband had to help me down.  So, this whole hanging a 7 foot square rug on a 2-story wall above a staircase became a job for Tom.