Easy DIY Heat Embossed T-Shirt

If it wasn’t evidenced enough by my post at the end of the year, I am currently in a state of obsession over heat embossing.  Until now, I had never embossed anything in my life.  I’m not a paper crafter, and I was under the impression that you could only use the fun embossing powders with stamps, ink and paper.  All I knew was that you saturated a rubber stamp using an embossing ink pad, stamped a piece of paper, sprinkled the embossing powder over the ink (much like glitter) and then used a heat source to make the powder stick and raise to the surface.

Once I discovered that you could use embossing powder without stamps, my brain went into overdrive. I literally lost sleep (See?  Obsession.) trying to figure out something different to emboss.  I decided that I really wanted to try it on a large scale on a t-shirt, but I couldn’t find any evidence through Google that you could use embossing powder on fabric.

I took that as a challenge.

Easy DIY Heat Embossed T-Shirt

For my first project of the year, I am sharing with you how I came up with a method for heat embossing on fabric.  The result is incredible, and I am having a hard time shouting from the rooftops about how awesome this looks.  Since I’m equally obsessed (okay, slightly more obsessed) with roller derby than I am with heat embossing on fabric, I obviously had to meld the two into one project – a Skate It Off roller derby themed tee.  You can easily use this tutorial to make a shirt with any design on the front, though.  I may be making a few more with other messages or pictures.

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My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014

During the last few days of the year, bloggers from hither and yon post round-ups of their favorite projects of the year.  Sadly, for this blogger, I basically spent an entire year on one. single. project. Needless to say, I don’t really have 10 amazing projects that I think are worth sharing again. But, did you see those walls?!?

So, instead of trying to resurrect some of my admittedly ‘meh’ projects from this year to round out a top 10 list, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite projects from other bloggers.  And since I am a HomeRight ambassador and LOVE all of their products, I’m doing a round up of my top 10 favorite projects from other bloggers who used HomeRight tools.  That’s not a super catchy title, so I’m just calling it My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014.


My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014

1. DIY Embossed State Art via Bliss at Home – I have never heat embossed (or regular embossed) anything in my life, but this tutorial makes me want to emboss everything in sight! Kristin used the HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II Heat Gun for this project, and you can find various embossing powders on Amazon or in craft stores.

Top 10 HomeRight Projects of 2014

2. Gold Snake Bowl via Rain on a Tin Roof – Finally, something chic to do with those fake toy snakes that scare the crap out of me.  This really looks like something Nate Berkus would design, doesn’t it? Jenna used the HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II Heat Gun for this project.

Top 10 HomeRight Projects of 2014

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‘Tis the Season That You Might Not Suspect

In Austin, we’ve entered the season where everyone around town exclaims, “It’s that time of the year!” Nope, I’m not talking about the kids being crazy excited for their winter break or the Christmas music that’s been playing (and is still playing) in every store for the last two months. Folks, I’m talking about this:

Easy Ways to Cope with the Cedar Pollen in Austin and Central Texas

(image via Andy Heatwole)

“The trees spontaneously combust in Austin this time of year?” Well, kind of. I’d like to introduce you to cedar season in Austin. Beginning in December and lasting through January, the Mountain Cedar trees that plague our fine city release their pollen into the air with such fervor that it looks like the trees are on fire. When Tom and I were first married, we lived at an apartment complex on top of a hill of cedar trees. One day, I looked out and I thought our entire hill was engulfed in flames. He may have received a frantic call at work that day.

The longer you live in Austin, the worse your cedar allergy gets. I silently chuckle at the unaffected newcomers. It’ll get you my pretty. And your little dog, too! Eventually, they will get to play fun games, like this one of my friends recently posted on Facebook:

Easy Ways to Cope with the Cedar Pollen in Austin and Central Texas

So, why do people continue to still live in a place where everyone is sniffling, sneezing and itching for about two months a year. Well, because it’s AUSTIN, and if you’ve ever been here, you understand.

According to the CDC, allergies cannot be prevented, but allergic reactions can be. Here in Austin, my family and I have just learned some ways to help cope with the inevitable cedar pollen. Here are my three go-tos:

Using Essential Oils – I’ve only recently gotten started using essential oils to minimize my symptoms to seasonal allergens, and my favorite mixture is a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils that I put together. I mix them in equal parts into a little roller bottle, and I roll it across my forehead, under my eyes, down my nose and below my nose every morning.

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It’s a Small World (and a Giant Project) After All

Friends, the longest single project I have ever attempted has reached completion. My hand-painted and incredibly detailed Mary Blair inspired walls are finished.  It may be a Small World, but it turned into a huge project.

Hand painted Mary Blair inspired feature wall via MakelyHome.com

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out. However, I will admit that this single project almost broke me and my blog. I spent months (8 months, off and on) on these sections of wall. When I wasn’t feeling inspired, I simply ignored the project. The last few years, I’ve lived by a one-project-at-a-time policy, so I wouldn’t let myself start something new even when my brain needed a break. I’ve admittedly been down in the decorating dumps for a while, and I’m sorry that I haven’t had more to share with you. I really thought I was going through blogger fatigue, but now that this project is finished, I know that it was really just project fatigue.

But on the occasion when I was feeling inspired, I’d draw out the designs and paint them with my tiny, ¼” paint brushes. The section on the left – around the desk that my husband built (more on that later!) – wasn’t too bad to complete. I put a drop cloth down on the floor and just started painting.

Hand painted Mary Blair inspired feature wall via MakelyHome.com

But once I got to the other sections, I had a lot more prep-work to do. I was terrified that I’d drip or sling paint on my plain white walls or on my kitchen counters/cabinets. I’m a fairly messy painter, so that fear was real, y’all. I was starting to think I had bitten off more than I could chew.

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SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop Coupon + Giveaway

When I woke up this morning, I realized what terrible shape my house was in.  Between my kids being out of school the entire week, me trying to finish the painting project that will never die, hosting Thanksgiving dinner and taking care of a visiting cat, it was gross – there was just no way around it.

We had a “family cleaning party” and worked on getting everything put away in its proper place.  Just having everything straightened up always makes the house look about 75% better, doesn’t it?  Well, until I looked down at the tile floors.

SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop Giveaway

Can you see the brown spots?  Yeah, those aren’t supposed to be there. Yuck!

Luckily, HomeRight recently sent me a new chenille mop pad for my SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop. Until now, I’d been using the microfiber mop pads that come with the unit (as you can see from the dirt stained areas on the microfiber pad below).

SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop Giveaway

The microfiber mop pad has cleaned up my tile floors just fine.  It takes more work that I expected, though, because it only really picks up dirt around the edges.  And as you can see in the below image, a quick swipe of it over the floor doesn’t get up as much dirt as you might hope.

SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop Giveaway

I think it’s because of the way the SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop (affiliate link) is built.  The center of the mop head is raised.  I’m sure there is a fabulous engineering reason for this, but it doesn’t change the fact that you have to make sure you clean every bit of your floors with just the sides of the unit.

SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop Giveaway

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Giving the Gift of Scent {and Win a Gift from Me!}

This giveaway is now closed.

When I woke up this morning, I checked the Weather Channel app on my phone.  It’s always the first thing I do every morning, as it helps me see what the day is going to bring.  I am a warm weather person at heart, so this time of year (literally) sends a chill down my spine.

Today, the app announced that it was 28° with a windchill of 19°.  WHAT?!?  Okay, some of you are laughing at me right now and others of you are equally as horrified.  Not only did I have to send my kids out the door to school wearing heavy coats and scarves this morning, but I had to throw on my fleece pants and pour myself an extra large cup of coffee.  I’m glad I don’t have a ton of errands to go and run today – I live in Central Texas for a reason!

The only thing that I like about the cold weather is that it is a signal that the holidays are on their way. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is not far behind it.  Of course, the stores (and some of my neighbors) have already decorated big time for the holidays, so it’s hard to forget that we are getting ready to enter the holiday season.

I’ve always been a stickler for not decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.  I love Thanksgiving (family+food+football=greatest day ever), so I don’t want to push it out of the way so that I can enjoy Christmas decor for a few weeks longer.  Instead, I get busy trimming the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving  But just because I don’t decorate early doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy some things about the Christmas season!  One of the best way to do that is to add in some scents of the season.  Doesn’t the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread bring back such wonderful memories of holidays past?

This year, the Thymes company sent me their delicious collection of Gingerbread scented home fragrance products.  The products include two sizes of candles, a reed diffuser, an ornament sachet, hand lotion, hand wash and a home fragrance mist.  I love that the gingerbread scent is subtle enough not to be overwhelming but sophisticated enough that it doesn’t scream, “ZOMG, CHRISTMAS!”  It smells so good – I wish the Internet was scratch and sniff.

Delicious and sophisticated home fragrance scents - Thymes Holiday Gingerbread Collection

The reed diffuser and ornament sachet are my favorite products since they deliver the gingerbread scent all day long.  But, obviously, candles are always fabulous and the hand lotion, hand wash, and home fragrance mist are great ways to have a delicious scent in your home.  And how cute is the little bakers twine and house charms?  The Gingerbread Collection is new to Thymes this year, and I hope it’s one that they bring back every year.

Delicious and sophisticated home fragrance scents - Thymes Holiday Gingerbread Collection

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