DIY Hardware Store Advent Calendar

Great minds must think alike.

Last week Lindsay posted this fabulous DIY Advent Calendar.  I’m drooling over the Silhouette accents…(man I need to get me one of those).

Without having seen hers first I was busily putting together my own version playing off a project I did three years ago. Back then I used an old frame and some peg boards and hooks from the hardware store to make…

…a hanging place for my jewelry.

Wanting to do something similar I made my way to Home Depot.

They have a whole display where they sell boards, pre-painted chalkboards, dry erase boards, peg boards, etc. sized at 2 x 4 all under $10.00. Makes it SO easy to transport home and work with for smaller projects. They will even cut it down to the size you need for free…love that!

I sprayed my frame with gold spray paint…

Then secured it to the frame using some picture hanging type hooks.

For the “calendar part” I used colored paper, smaller hardware paper bags, and office clips (Office Max).

I found this cool stamp at an antique store but you could print the date on paper with your computer or just hand write the date on your paper.

Then I clipped and hooked the bags on the board.

I love that this project isn’t holiday specific.

When Christmas is over I could use it to organize whatever else I need to.

Let the count down begin!  My boys are SOOO excited to see what’s in each bag!



To see more of Michelle’s projects, visit her blog at 4men1lady.

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