How to Bend PVC Pipe

How to Build PVC Pipe

Have you ever needed to bend a length of PVC pipe for a project?  PVC is such a great, light-weight building component for structures and costumes, but the sharp angles and straight lines leave a lot to be desired.

Today, Tom is going to show us how to do with with the help of our HomeRight Dual Temperature Heat Gun (affiliate).  We use this heat gun for all sorts of projects around here, but using it to bend PVC was a new one for me.  I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to bend PVC pipe, but this is how he does it.

Tom is building Zack’s Halloween costume (he goes ridiculously all out for Halloween!), and he needed some nice curves in the PVC pipe.  Using heat resistant gloves, he turned the heat gun on the highest setting and warmed up the pipe, trying to bend it as it heated.  Once the pipe was heated enough to become pliable, he curved it to the angle he wanted it to be.

How to Build PVC Pipe

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Spooky Thrift Store Halloween Figurines + a HomeRight Giveaway

As soon as the kids go back to school, my thoughts turn to fall.  The football.  The Halloween costumes.  The pumpkin spice everything.  But, because I live on the surface of the sun (aka Texas) where it’s still 100-degrees, it doesn’t even begin to feel like fall until most of you already have inches of snow on the ground.  So, I have to occupy myself with little fall-type projects while I sit in my air-conditioned house.

We’re getting ready to start teaching our DI kids some costume building skills so they can create their own Halloween costumes this year, so I have Halloween on the brain.   During a recent trip to Goodwill, I spotted these teddy bear figurines and a crazy idea came to mind.

Halloween Teddy Bear Figurines

I set up my HomeRight Spray Shelter so I could give these beauties a coat of paint in my garage.  It was one zillion times easier to set it up in the garage than it was in my bedroom (who knew?  Ha!).  I put down a drop cloth and then covered a little table since it’s easier to spray paint when your items are waist high.  You’ll notice that the drop cloth is smaller than the Spray Shelter footprint – we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Halloween Teddy Bear Figurines

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How’s It Holding Up? + A $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Glidden

Over the course of the last six and a half (!!) years, I’ve completed my fair share of DIY projects.  Though my DIY background originated from little more than glue gun burns, I’ve learned over the years that using the proper products and tools make all the difference.

Today, I thought I would share with you three of my older projects and talk a little bit about how they have held up over the abuse that we dish out on them.  These particular projects were all coated with my favorite brand of interior paint, Glidden, so I’ll be able to discuss how the paint has held up over the years.

Stripped Wall in Playroom

In 2012, I transformed our playroom from a boring beige space into a colorful area with vintage appeal.  One of my favorite parts of the redecorating was the turquoise and white horizontal stripe that I painted on two of the walls.

Modern Vintage Inspired Playroom | Makely School for Girls

A lot of homeowners are nervous to paint their walls bright white for fear of scuffs, handprints, and general paint damage from every day use.  However, I’m happy to point out that this is not the case for the this particular formula of paint (Glidden Premium Interior – flat sheen ).  Even though our walls do get dirty, they are easy to clean.

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Win a HomeRight Spray Shelter

The set-up and prep work for spray painting is often the hardest part of the job.  I like to use my paint sprayer (and even rattle cans) in my garage, so I can work in the shade.  I’ve done everything from covering my garage in plastic to building my own temporary spray paint booth.  Both worked great, but they were a lot of hassle to deal with.

Luckily, HomeRight has come to my rescue (again!) with their new Spray Shelter.  The portable, collapsible Spray Shelter is much like an easy put together tent.  It footprint is about 8 1/2 feet by 6 feet, so you have plenty of room to fit all sorts of furniture and projects inside of it.

Win a HomeRight Spray Shelter for spray painting

Yep, I set it up in my bedroom – just to test out how to put it together.  I certainly didn’t do it in my bedroom because my garage is full of projects and it’s 100 degrees outside.  Nope, not at all.

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A Free {Printable} Ocean View

As much as we want to, an ocean view isn’t in the cards for my family this summer.  Between kids’ day camps, Tom’s work and my roller derby, we are having a big Austin Staycation.

I love seeing all of my friends’ ocean pictures on social media, but I’ve been longing for a few of my own. So, I just made an ocean view for myself.

Free Printable - Geometric Ocean View

If you feel like you need an ocean view yourself, you are welcome to download this free printable that I designed.  It prints on a letter size sheet of paper and can be trimmed to fit inside an 8×10 frame.  Or, just stick it on your wall with some washi tape and pretend the sea breeze is blowing through your hair.

Click here to download the free printable.

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Zack’s Closet Update + HomeRight Giveaway

Many times, there are projects that we have to do around our home that aren’t particularly jaw dropping, like cleaning the garage or reorganizing the Tupperware cabinet.  They are necessary evils that don’t exactly have that “Wow!” factor when it’s time to blog about them.  Today, I have one of those projects to share with you.

Not long ago, this was Zack’s closet.

Builder's closet upgrade

Builder's closet upgrade

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