DIY Elvis Sequin Art {with a Template}

DIY Elvis sequin art tutorial with template via

When I unveiled the dresser that my husband, Tom, built for our daughter, Emma, I got a ton of emails and comments about the Elvis artwork I had placed on top of it.  I actually made that piece of artwork several years ago after having a vision while watching an Elvis impersonator at a local festival.  True story.

Since the Elvis artwork has made a comeback, I have had some requests for a template.  I’m happy to oblige!  You can find the original tutorial here, but I’m going go go over it briefly below, too.

Download the template by clicking here.  Print it at home or send it somewhere like Fed Ex Office to be printed – it’s 20 pages.  I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but this was the way I did it originally.

Cut the white margins off of each page and tape the pages together.

DIY Elvis sequin art tutorial with template via

Next, cut out around the shape of Elvis and trace the outline onto your piece of wood (mine is a reclaimed piece of house siding that’s about 3ft x 3ft).  I used chalk to trace mine.  I also freehanded the interior details.

DIY Elvis sequin art tutorial with template via

Then, paint the elements with acrylic craft paint, and wipe off the chalk with a wet cloth when the paint is dry.

DIY Elvis sequin art tutorial with template via

Once it was painted, I nailed red paillette sequins to his lei.  They sparkle in the light and make this piece really stand out.

So, there you go!  I hope this template helps you get started with your own Elvis artwork.  Have questions? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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  1. My twelve year old would love this! I’m originally from Tupelo, so have an Elvis connection! Thanks for the tutorial and template!

  2. Oh I have to share this with my mom, she loves Elvis!! This is awesome!!

    PS, don’t know that I mentioned before…I’m the new blog assistant at East Coast Creative!! :) HI!!!

  3. Thanks for this! I am in love with this art and definitely want to make one. I hope EPE doesn’t come after you; they are well-known for their cease-and-desist letters. Since you’re not profiting from the depiction though you should be ok. Your dogs are too cute and they look happy to be modeling in the photo!

    • Oh, man! I hope they don’t either – I never thought of that. Fingers crossed that I never hear from them since I’m not selling anything.

      My white dog was so proud of himself for getting to be in that photo. I still laugh at him every time I look at that picture.

  4. You are generally awesome, for so many reasons. I am not an elvis fan but this geniss idea could be adapted to a lot of different images. I’m thinking about an abstract-flower type thing. And any excuse to glue on some sparkly things.

    –From a reader in Alaska who has never commented before! Does that make me a ‘lurker’? That is such an icky-sounding label; I prefer “shy reader” :)

  5. This is rad! I’m going to make one for a girlfriend who is Elvis-mad. Any chance you could show a closeup of the lei? I would like to see how they lay -har har- and I love shiny sparklies. Thanks!!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful craft. I have linked this on my latest blog. Thank you, thank you very much.

  7. Thank you for including this template!! I’ve been admiring this Elvis artwork from afar and I’m now thinking this would make a great birthday gift for someone! Love it!

  8. Hey there,
    Not only do I adore this Elvis art and the dresser too, my most favorite is your little dog. I’ve always wanted a dog like him since I saw that scruffy little guy in ‘Annie’, yet somehow ended up with 2 giant rescues – a yellow lab and a swiss bernese. Please oh please, will you tell me what kind of dog he is? Thank you!!
    P.S. From one dog-lover to another:

    • Thanks, Val! We don’t really know what he is since I found him wandering down the street one day. Some sort of terrier has always been the vet’s best guess! He’s just a good old fashioned mutt, and the sweetest boy there is. :)

      • Oh gosh! Wandering down the street?! Of course he was wandering down the street. Yikes – now I love him even more! Thanks for getting back to me about my zany question, and thanks for coming by my site! Talk soon, Val


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