How to Fix Sticky Drawers in Seconds

A few months after I finished updating the Miss Matched yellow dresser for my bedroom, I noticed that the drawers didn’t slide as easily as they once had.  Old wooden drawers have the tendency to stick and drag, so I didn’t worry too much about it.  My “I’ll get to that one day” attitude about it didn’t help the problem, and four years later I was growing more annoyed by the day over having to twist and jerk the dresser drawers every time I wanted a pair of socks.

Earlier this week, I woke up and decided that today was the day to fix the sticky drawers.  I looked into retrofitting the drawers with slides from Home Depot.  I researched adding metal strips to the bottom of the drawers so that they would slide more freely.  I was irritated that I was going to have to spend money to fix the problem.  Then, I remember one of the oldest tricks in the DIY handbook – candle wax.

I took a cheap tea light out of its metal lining and rubbed it onto the bottom of the drawer were it comes into contact with the dresser frame.  If you don’t have any tea lights or old candles, paraffin wax (if you are a canner) or a bar of soap (if you bathe) will also serve the same purpose.  Hopefully, you participate in at least one of those two activities.

How to Unstick a Sticky Drawer in Seconds

Celebrate Yourself with a DIY Plaque

One day soon, I’ll quit talking about “the wall.”  I’m sorry to say that today isn’t going to be that day. When I could have gestated a child in the amount of time it took me to finish a single project, it’s not going to go away quickly!

When I was working on that painting project, I kept telling Tom that I was going to “frame these damn paint brushes” when I was finished.  It got to be a joke, and I would daydream about where I would hang them.  On one of the painted walls?  On an adjacent wall?

As it turns out, I’d hang them in my office.

You always expect to find certain things hanging on the walls of a home office – awards, plaques and diplomas.  I have both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, but I honestly couldn’t begin to tell you where my diplomas are.  I don’t get too many awards and plaques.  But, I did have some empty wall space.  And some old paint brushes.

Easy DIY Heat Embossed T-Shirt

If it wasn’t evidenced enough by my post at the end of the year, I am currently in a state of obsession over heat embossing.  Until now, I had never embossed anything in my life.  I’m not a paper crafter, and I was under the impression that you could only use the fun embossing powders with stamps, ink and paper.  All I knew was that you saturated a rubber stamp using an embossing ink pad, stamped a piece of paper, sprinkled the embossing powder over the ink (much like glitter) and then used a heat source to make the powder stick and raise to the surface.

Once I discovered that you could use embossing powder without stamps, my brain went into overdrive. I literally lost sleep (See?  Obsession.) trying to figure out something different to emboss.  I decided that I really wanted to try it on a large scale on a t-shirt, but I couldn’t find any evidence through Google that you could use embossing powder on fabric.

I took that as a challenge.

Easy DIY Heat Embossed T-Shirt

For my first project of the year, I am sharing with you how I came up with a method for heat embossing on fabric.  The result is incredible, and I am having a hard time shouting from the rooftops about how awesome this looks.  Since I’m equally obsessed (okay, slightly more obsessed) with roller derby than I am with heat embossing on fabric, I obviously had to meld the two into one project – a Skate It Off roller derby themed tee.  You can easily use this tutorial to make a shirt with any design on the front, though.  I may be making a few more with other messages or pictures.

A Look at My 2015 Home Goals

The new year always brings a fresh start.  I love the feeling of a blank calendar and a renewed since of will power.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do like the newness of January 1st to lay out some goals that I want to accomplish this year.

Personally, I want to be better, faster and physically stronger.  That means working out more and being more conscious about what I am eating.  It means making a plan for the next day and getting a good night’s sleep.  It also means pushing myself outside of my comfort zone even more than I did in 2014.

But my home has its own unique set of goals, too.  I like to think of them as Home Goals.  In the first part of 2015, I’m going to refocus my efforts on updating my son’s bedroom.  In its current state, it feels dark and uncomfortable.  His bed is getting to be too small and the walls scream a little too Nick Jr. for a third grader.  Last year, I put together a mood board for his room that both he and I love, but the longest project ever got in the way of me working on it.

Mood Board for Mid-Century Styled Boy's Bedroom

Instead of just saying that my goal is to finish his room in the first six months of the year, I have made a list of some of the projects I want to tackle:

My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014

During the last few days of the year, bloggers from hither and yon post round-ups of their favorite projects of the year.  Sadly, for this blogger, I basically spent an entire year on one. single. project. Needless to say, I don’t really have 10 amazing projects that I think are worth sharing again. But, did you see those walls?!?

So, instead of trying to resurrect some of my admittedly ‘meh’ projects from this year to round out a top 10 list, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite projects from other bloggers.  And since I am a HomeRight ambassador and LOVE all of their products, I’m doing a round up of my top 10 favorite projects from other bloggers who used HomeRight tools.  That’s not a super catchy title, so I’m just calling it My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014.


My Favorite HomeRight Projects of 2014

1. DIY Embossed State Art via Bliss at Home – I have never heat embossed (or regular embossed) anything in my life, but this tutorial makes me want to emboss everything in sight! Kristin used the HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II Heat Gun for this project, and you can find various embossing powders on Amazon or in craft stores.

Top 10 HomeRight Projects of 2014

2. Gold Snake Bowl via Rain on a Tin Roof – Finally, something chic to do with those fake toy snakes that scare the crap out of me.  This really looks like something Nate Berkus would design, doesn’t it? Jenna used the HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II Heat Gun for this project.

Top 10 HomeRight Projects of 2014

‘Tis the Season That You Might Not Suspect

In Austin, we’ve entered the season where everyone around town exclaims, “It’s that time of the year!” Nope, I’m not talking about the kids being crazy excited for their winter break or the Christmas music that’s been playing (and is still playing) in every store for the last two months. Folks, I’m talking about this:

Easy Ways to Cope with the Cedar Pollen in Austin and Central Texas

(image via Andy Heatwole)

“The trees spontaneously combust in Austin this time of year?” Well, kind of. I’d like to introduce you to cedar season in Austin. Beginning in December and lasting through January, the Mountain Cedar trees that plague our fine city release their pollen into the air with such fervor that it looks like the trees are on fire. When Tom and I were first married, we lived at an apartment complex on top of a hill of cedar trees. One day, I looked out and I thought our entire hill was engulfed in flames. He may have received a frantic call at work that day.

The longer you live in Austin, the worse your cedar allergy gets. I silently chuckle at the unaffected newcomers. It’ll get you my pretty. And your little dog, too! Eventually, they will get to play fun games, like this one of my friends recently posted on Facebook:

Easy Ways to Cope with the Cedar Pollen in Austin and Central Texas

So, why do people continue to still live in a place where everyone is sniffling, sneezing and itching for about two months a year. Well, because it’s AUSTIN, and if you’ve ever been here, you understand.

According to the CDC, allergies cannot be prevented, but allergic reactions can be. Here in Austin, my family and I have just learned some ways to help cope with the inevitable cedar pollen. Here are my three go-tos:

Using Essential Oils – I’ve only recently gotten started using essential oils to minimize my symptoms to seasonal allergens, and my favorite mixture is a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils that I put together. I mix them in equal parts into a little roller bottle, and I roll it across my forehead, under my eyes, down my nose and below my nose every morning.