How to Paint a Coir Doormat

How to Paint a Coir Doormat via

Let’s start 2014 with one of the easiest projects ever – a painted doormat!  I literally made this at the kitchen table while my kids were eating breakfast one morning.  It’s just a little thing, but it makes a big statement on your porch.

Start with gathering your supplies.  You’ll need some latex paint (I used some of what was leftover from my kids’ playroom), a paint brush, masking tape and newspaper to protect your painting surface.  You could probably also use acrylic craft paint, but latex house paint is thicker and will cover your rug more quickly.

How to Paint a Coir Doormat via

You will also need a coir doormat.  What is coir?  It’s actually the fibrous lining between the hard shell and the meat in a coconut.  It’s used to make doormats, rope, hanging basket liners and lots of other things that need to be strong and withstand moisture.  Look at that – we learned something today!  You can find basic coir doormats at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $10 or in different shapes and sizes on Amazon (affiliate link).

Okay, here is the easiest project you’ve ever done.  Lay out your newspaper and put your rug on top. With your masking tape, make a straight line from one corner to its diagonal partner.  Make sure that the tape is straight on the edge below where you will be painting and press it down really well.

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Using your paint brush, dab and brush the paint onto your rug.  Put it on pretty heavy, since it soaks into the coir.  You’ll probably think, “This is going to look awful!” when you start, but just keep painting. It only takes about five minutes until the paint builds up enough for it to look like an even coat.

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Then, just remove the tape.  You don’t have to wait for it to dry, and the paint won’t bleed across the rug since it’s not woven.

How to Paint a Coir Doormat via

If you get paint splatters on the portion you aren’t painting, don’t worry.  A little Krud Kutter (affiliate link) takes it right off since you are using latex paint.

Set your newly painted coir doormat aside for about a day so that it doesn’t accidentally get stepped on.  One of my dogs walked on mine before it was dry, and I had blue doggie prints in my kitchen. Krud Kutter came to the rescue then, too.

When it’s dry, put it outside and enjoy!  Mine has been outside for about a month, and it still looks great.

How to Paint a Coir Doormat via

Could your porch use a little punch of personality?  Grab the paint and make it happen with this super easy project!

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  1. Looks great! Love the color you chose.

  2. Love it!

  3. I’ve always been afraid to try this, but you might just have convinced me that I can do it! Thanks for the motivation!

  4. my kids and i are going to paint one together this weekend – what a fun project this will be!

  5. Adrienne says:

    Could I just paint my old, ugly one and make it look nice again?

  6. I just bought a doormat from IKEA. I am excited to paint it- had planned on using craft paint, but my use Latex after your suggestion. But, does it need to be sealed at all?

    • Hi Leslie! Mine is almost a year old and I didn’t seal it. It’s showing some wear, but I think it’s more from people wiping their feet on it. I’ve used craft paint on another rug, and it shows the same wear. I would think that sealing it may help, but the worn in look is pretty cool, too.