Choosing Paint Color Names that Appeal to Men

I was in Boston a few weeks ago for an amazing opportunity that I’ll get to share with y’all soon.  I got to do the very thing that I love (paint) in my element (on camera) with one of my very favorite brands (Glidden).  I had a blast working with them, and I’m looking forward to seeing – and showing you – the final product.

While the cameras were being reset and the lighting was being adjusted (do I sound like a pro now or what?), I got to chat with some of the Glidden representatives that were on set.  During one of the breaks, our conversation turned to naming paint colors.  We joked about “Lindsay White,” and they showed me a paint names ad for Glidden’s Canadian counterpart, CIL Paint.

The ad takes a funny look at how hard it really must be to name paint colors, since men and women associate colors and names so differently.  They promised me that other than the host, the people in the video are real people and not actors (which surprised me because some of them are very good on camera).  It’s really funny!

Apparently, there were paint chips at the Canadian Home Depot stores with then “renamed” color names on the chip.  That cracks me up!

What do you think about the ad and paint color names in general?  After seeing this, I think it would be pretty challenging to name in a paint color in such a way that would appeal to everyone.  Perhaps “Lindsay White” really IS the answer!

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  1. Julia @ cuckoo4design says:

    LOL “skin around scab”…love it!

  2. nopinkhere says:

    I’ve always thought that thinking up color names had to be kind of fun. Now I know it!

  3. Shannon R says:

    In the interest of fairness, a lot of colors are fairly gender-neutral in their names, and some existing names are pretty dudely. I painted my living room “Gunmetal”, and my husband got a real kick out of it!

  4. That’s so darn funny! ‘Lindsay White’ strikes me as ironic, though… I’d be surprised if there were any white walls in your home! :)

    • Ha! Just my ceilings for now. BUT…I’m getting ready to paint most of my downstairs level in Lindsay White. EEK! I’ll add in some fun, colorful graphics, though.

  5. “British Teeth” !!!! HAHAHAHA (mean but hiLARious). Sharing on my FB page. xo

  6. i would totally buy into this concept. im sure my hubby would be convinced of the color i wanted it it had a manly name! lol