Pretty Please With a Book Wreath On Top?

Wow! My book wreath tutorial has really made the rounds. Who is getting sick of hearing me talk about it? Wait, don’t answer that.

It’s been featured on Apartment Therapy (can’t. breathe!). Design Crush (swoon!). Ohdeedoh (woo hoo!). Many, many of you made your own version and sent me photos (love! love! love!). I’m so very happy that you love it as much as I do.

Now, I need your help. I have entered the book wreath in Michaels’ Handmade Holidays contest. Weekly winners receive a $100 gift card to Michaels. The grand prize winner will receive a $250 gift card and a TRIP TO NYC TO SEE THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW.

Folks, I can’t do this without you. Please click here to rate my project in the contest. As with any contest, the highest rated projects have the best chance of being selected winners.

Just think what making this project a winner could mean to YOU. Imagine the damage (and the tutorials!!) I could do with a $100 gift card from Michaels. Don’t even get me started on the $250 gift card and Martha Stewart. I. Would. Just. Die. And I guess that may just be the end of Living With Lindsay.

So, don’t do it for me. Do it for you. Would you go and rate my project right now? Pretty please with a ruffled book wreath on top?

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About Lindsay Ballard

Lindsay Ballard is a former college mascot turned political geek turned DIY fanatic who is conspiring to live in a Technicolor dream world. Her designs are bold and graphic, while her spirit is fun and full of color. Lindsay chronicles her projects and design ideas here at Makely, where she shares daily tutorials and inspiration. Lindsay lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband (Tom), children (Zack and Emma) and dogs (Jack and Duke).


  1. Adrienne S. says:

    Just gave you a five star rating:) I went through about 12 pages of the gallery before I got bored and you definitely deserve to win! Good luck!

  2. I went over it and rated it 5 snowmen!! Good luck!!


  3. I voted for you!!! Love love love the wreath. It was the least I could do after all the tips and tricks you have shared with me…and I agree with the others, I went through about 30 pages and yours is by far the best.

    Good Luck!!!

  4. contgrats!!! I'm on my way.


  5. I voted, Lindsay! It's funny, bc I saw this on another blog and thought, "That is such a fab little wreath," BEFORE noticing the idea came from here. Anyway, yes, it's really making the rounds! I really like it!

    I hope you win!!!


  6. I will go rate it immediately! This is the coolest wreath ever!

  7. pk @ Room Remix says:

    DEFINITELY! It's an awesome project and deserves a lot of "spotlight". Off to vote now. :-)

    pk @ Room Remix

  8. Nancy @ Live love laugh says:

    Of course-gave you a 5…never even looked the others! Good luck! Maybe I can meet up with you in NY!

  9. That look great! How cool and what a fun idea!!

  10. I'm making it next week…and my sister in law is buying a copy of her favorite book so that it has "meaning". I'm off to vote for you now!

  11. I rated you a 5- I made one the other day and I love it!

  12. OK five stars from me, but if you beat out my Advent Tree, you totally have to take me to NYC with you. Pretty please, with a book wreath on top?

    Big smiles and good luck !

  13. I just finished mine today and now my mom is making one for herself! It's an awesome project so of course I went over and rated it! My fingers are crossed for you- good luck.

  14. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says:

    Good luck. I gave you a 5. You have a lot of ratings. You have a very good chance of making it to NYC.

  15. StephanieinSD says:

    It's making the rounds 'cause it's FABulous! I've posted it on my Facebook page so all my friends can see it!

  16. You are going to win- I can feel it! I just voted! Good luck! From, Courtney @ Red Heads Craft More Fun

  17. I voted. You're doing really well, and if you some of those other projects win over yours, I'm going to cry foul. Some are just terrible. Did you notice the "unique" edible Christmas ornament? It's a potato on a string. Really? It's (as of today) on page 18. Made me laugh though.
    Good luck and if you go to Martha I expect lots and lots of pictures.

  18. Destination Seaborn says:

    I loved your idea so much, I made a book wreath too. {God forgive me} I used a dollar store bible because it has the metallic gold edges. It was pretty, but not as nice as yours.

    I gave you five stars on Michaels website. Best Wishes…keept the great ideas coming!


  19. Isabella & Max Rooms says:

    Oh, I hope you win!! I just voted and came back to wish you the best of luck!! Janell

  20. GroverFamily says:

    voted! im making the wreath now!! thanks:)

  21. I hate to bring any kind of dissenting voice to this very positive blog, but I'm a little concerned that you passed the idea for the wreath off as yours on the Michael's site. I realize that you figured out a way to recreate the wreath in a cost-effective and easy to follow way, and that's awesome. But the original idea was not your own; you copied the work of another artist. Very happy you shared the way you did it with all of us, but to try and win a contest with it seems a little dishonest.

  22. Anonymous – I hear ya, and I'm glad you felt you could share your opinion here.

    However, the rules of the contest are: Upload a photo of your best, most creative do-it-yourself project, add a description and project supplies. Then send to your friends, your co-workers, your family and whoever can help you increase your rating score. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges led by Michaels Creative Expert, Jo Pearson based on project creativity, uniqueness and overall ratings.

    So, being as that those are the rules, do you still think it's dishonest? I don't think so.

  23. Love the wreath!!! Went and rated it and looked around at your competition. I would say pack your bags! Gonna make the wreath over Thanksgiving!!

  24. Gave you a 5. I also posted it on my FB page asking to help you out and I tweeted about it. As far as you being dishonest. You posted a picture of YOUR work. No one said the idea had to be yours. I just love your site. I hope you win

  25. I gave you a five star. I finished my book wreath last week and I love it. I have shared your blog with others who want to 'copy' you. Good Luck!

  26. I went and rated a 5! Thank you for the tutorial!

  27. I've been so excited for you as I've seen this project popping up here and there!

  28. Mitchell 5 Family says:

    I forwarded your original post to my family and some friends. I even found a paperback Bible to use for my wreath. I can't wait to make mine!!! and I gave you a 5 star too!!!

  29. melissa * 320 Sycamore says:

    Lindsay~I sent 5 big snowmen stars your way! Good luck~I just love this. I am entering a project next week, since I really didn't want to compete against an idea this fabulous :)

  30. Dear artist.
    I made this wreath, she was very beautiful. I used sheet music, I would like you to see. Thank you for sharing est beautiful work.
    neusinha fusco

  31. I've totally seen it all over the place!

  32. I love this project, great idea!!! I made one, and I didn't feel bad, I bought a Dictionary from the dollar store. I also voted 5 big snowmen. Thanks for sharing.

  33. You've got my vote fo' sho'! Hope you can win the gift card.

  34. sofabellie says:

    My friend and I had a "craft-date" yesterday and made the same thing. Yours is fuller than mine – I should have doubled up on the pages, but I love it nonetheless! I will be making them for teacher-gifts this Christmas!

  35. I gave you the top rating, of course! Hope you win.

  36. Abbey @ Practically Perfect says:

    You totally deserve to win…I've already made 3 of these guys! Here the link to see mine:

  37. I found you because of your lovely wreath, and will be making one for myself as soon as I find my glue gun, so I absolutely voted five snowmen for you!

    Thanks for being frugally fabulous!

  38. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    That's exciting! Your project totally deserves all the attention it's been getting. I rated it! :)

  39. I saw it here first, loved it, saw it again on Ohdeedoh, loved it doubly, and am happy to vote for you. Considering that I ripped apart an entire issue of "Marie Claire" and am buying my first glue gun to give this wreath a try, I'd say it's a dang good project. =) Good luck!

  40. Mikael@starter home to dream home says:

    that wreath is so darn COOL!! I gotta make one…. dont know when I will find time, but I will make one eventually!

  41. I was so impressed with you wreath that I made one! It definitely was a love/hate relationship. The hot glue hurts and I kept touching it with each page – I did alot of mumbling but I still had to have one of my own!
    Love, love, love your wreath. I rated it 5 stars and it's too bad that they didn't offer 10 stars! I'll be watching to see if you win! Good luck!

  42. Mimi and Tilly says:

    Hi Lyndsay, I found you via Centsational Girl and am really glad I did. I have been a total book lover/avid reader for years. I have read some fantastic books and some really how did you ever manage to get this published books. I am totally loving the idea of this wreath for my home. I am off now to buy a glue gun and select a suitable book to tear apart. Happy Monday! Sending smiles. :)

  43. I gave it a 5 rating as well. I applaud your creative ability to see an item and find a way to adapt that into an object that is truely your own. Keep up the great work, and best of luck with the contest!

  44. she dreams big! says:

    Of course you will win this! Have you SEEN your competition? After Thanksgiving, this is my first project! Say hello to Martha! Thanks for the tutorial.

  45. E. Williamson says:

    I too made one the day you posted your tutorial. You are so talented. I Found a Christian book that I used to make my wreath.

    You can check it out here. (I also made a few other things that you shared with us. They are on the same post).

  46. Amy Teets says:

    Done!! 5 Snowmen Easy!

  47. Hi,
    I just voted for your wreath on the Michael's page. It truly outshines the competition! I plan on making one of these for my classroom soon! Thanks for sharing a cool project and I hope you win!