20 Ways to Use Your Steam Cleaner

20 best uses for your steam cleaner via MakelyHome.com

I am obsessed with steam cleaners.  In my adult life, I’ve had a big carpet cleaner, a few steam mops and a handheld steam cleaner.  My husband, Tom, would roll his eyes every time a new one came home, but I thought I needed all of those different types of steam cleaners for different applications.

When Tom came home from work last week and saw yet another one in the house, he said, “Lindsay.  Really?”  Yes, really!  Between HomeRight’s new SteamMachine Plus and original SteamMachine, I can get rid of all of those other ones.  The SteamMachine Plus is a steam mop that has many attachments – including one for carpet! – and a handheld unit (like a Dust Buster) that pops out of the mop for quick tasks, like steaming garments.  The SteamMachine is a much larger unit with a larger tank for your larger projects.

I have plenty of uses for both of them.  Here are 20 of my favorite uses:

1.  Tile and grout – The most popular uses for a steam cleaner is for tile and grout.  I like to use a brush attachment on mine so I can really get it cleaned well.  The tile and grout look new when I am finished with it.

20 best uses for your steam cleaner via MakelyHome.com

2.  Rugs and Carpets – With an attachment, like the one on the SteamMachine Plus, you can get stains and odors out of rug carpets.  Hello parents of children and pets!

3.   Windows – Did you know that you can clean your window glass with a steam cleaner?  Yep.  My handheld unit and I are going outside for a little bit of spring cleaning.

4.  Bathrooms – A steam mop is an obvious choice for a bathroom floor.  And if it has attachments to get into the caulk around the toilet base?  Well, mothers of boys will totally understand how awesome that sounds.

5.  Curtains and Drapes – What a pain it is to iron curtains, even if you do use my self-declared genius solution of doubling up the ironing board.  With a handheld steaming unit, you can steam the wrinkles out once they are hung.

6.  BBQ Grill – Before you break out the grill for some spring and summer cookouts, give the inside of the grill a cleaning with a wire brush attachment.  I bet your food will taste better!

7.  Upholstery – Unless you have slipcovered furniture, you probably can’t just throw your upholstery into the washing machine.  A handheld steam cleaning unit makes it easy to take care of stains and refresh your upholstered furniture.

8.  Glass showers – Even though we clean our glass shower weekly (okay, every other week), it still has soap scum build up.  It took me 2 minutes to steam clean the glass on the inside of the shower, and the glass looks brand new now.

20 best uses for your steam cleaner via MakelyHome.com

9.  Halloween and Dance Costumes – I have lived a lifetime of steaming dance recital costumes in a bathroom with the shower running as hot as it will go.  It always only kind of worked.  Now with a hand held steamer, I can take care of wrinkles with no problem.

10.  Car interiors – My son got sick in my truck that was only about a month old.  Need I say more?

11.  Kitchen countertops – Steam cleaning your sealed counter tops (like laminate and granite) sanitizes them without using chemicals.

12.  Outdoor patio furniture – When you bring your patio and deck furniture out of winter storage, give them a quick cleaning with the steam cleaner to remove any build-up that could be left over from the season.

13.  Stuffed animals – Give your kids’ stuffed animals a quick sanitizing by blasting them with a shot of steam.  It will be much better than spraying Febreze on them!

14.  High chairs and trays – Speaking of kids, give their high chairs and trays a good cleaning with a steam cleaner attachment made to get into crevices.  In my parenting experience, high chairs get dirtier than most anything else.

15.  Oven doors – Yes, you are supposed to be able to see into the window in your oven.  I had no idea!

20 best uses for your steam cleaner via MakelyHome.com

16.  Bedding – Much like drapes, bedding and duvet covers can be a pain to iron since they come folded in the packaging.  A steam cleaner makes it easy to get the creases out of bedding.

17.  Patio umbrellas and outdoor fabrics – Outdoor fabrics and umbrellas can get moldy when they are left in the elements.  That’s nothing a good steam cleaning can’t fix!

18.  Dog crates – We have one of our dogs crate trained, because he can’t be trusted when we leave the house.  A steam cleaner helps to keep his crate clean and sanitized without using harsh chemicals around him.

19.  Garments – Yep, I’m kind of lazy with the iron – have you noticed a trend in this list?  It’s easy to release wrinkles (and avoid iron burns) in delicate fabrics with a handheld steamer.

20.  Litter box areas – As a former cat owner, I can say that sometimes cats miss their litter boxes.  And then they keep missing.  Give the area around the litter box a good steam cleaning to keep them from purposely returning to the scene of the crime.

I’m sure there are hundreds of more steam cleaner uses that I haven’t even considered.  How to you use yours?

Don’t have a steam cleaner but now you know that you NEEEED one?  Well, you are in luck!  HomeRight is giving a SteamMachine Plus away to one lucky winner.  Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered to win!

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Good luck!

This post is sponsored by HomeRight. I have received products and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I would use it to clean tile and grout…and then everything else!

  2. What wouldn’t I use it for?! I’m most excited about tile and grout and that lingering aroma in my little boys’ bathroom!

  3. That sounds awesome, I could definitely use one!

  4. I have a two year old grandson a puppy and wall to wall carpeting……..need I say more?

  5. as the mother to three kids (well, not including my fiance :)
    three dogs (one of which is an 8 week old puppy)
    two cats

    this is much NEEDED!

  6. Cindy Smith says:

    I would go right down your top 20 reasons and do them all!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  8. I would use it on my floors and windows!

  9. I used to have one similar to this, the H2O mop. I was beyond sad when it died! It made cleaning the jetted tub not so bad…

  10. I have two little boys, a husband and a dog…that is how I would use it! :) The bathrooms are not my favorite places to clean.

  11. My house has a lot of tile that gets really grody – would love to try a steam clean!

  12. I have a steam mop that I looooooove, but I’ve always wanted to have attachments. THIS WOULD BE RAD.

  13. Man, my cream couch needs a good cleaning. I have two dogs and two children under age six. Need I say more.

  14. boys. dog. husband. teenage girl.

    enough said. I need this!

  15. I have a small home right steamer and love it to use on small areas, but this one sounds fantasic!

  16. Emily Viator says:

    I have been looking at steam cleaners for a while. Will check this one out!

  17. Rayanne Hinton says:

    I’m definitely going to use it for Babydog’s kennel!

  18. Oh my gosh! I have 5 kids and 1 dog. The shorter answer would be what i would not need this for. I would clean our floor, kitchen sink, oven, dog area, stained carpets, etc. thanks for the chance to win.

  19. I would use it on everything I possibly can!

  20. I am thrilled to be part of this giveaway. I would use the handheld portion of the steam cleaner for my oven, my windows, and my bathtub. I would absolutely LOVE to win this useful item,. Thanks so much for your blog article on this particular floor and handheld steam cleaner!! karen

  21. mechele johnson says:

    We just remodeled our bathroom with floor to ceiling tiles. I would definitely use it in there!

  22. Oh do I need this machine – I would use it on the grout in my kitchen and bathrooms – they need it!!

  23. Oh man. I’ve been DYING to buy a steam cleaner for ages now. Our flooring is mostly tile and I hate mopping it with the fiery hatred of a thousand suns. This would be the best thing EVER.

  24. I could really use this on my kitchen floors. I never thought about using it on the shower doors! That would be awesome!!!

  25. I would clean every surface in my house that I possibly could! Thanks for the chance.

  26. If they don’t already have you working for them, they should hire you as a saleswoman!

  27. I tried to leave a comment, but I don’t think it went through. You should be on their sales team, for sure. I’d start first by steam cleaning our shower and then just finish behind the boys’ toilets next!

  28. I would love to have a steam cleaner. I had one once, and it was fantastic, but I have yet to replace it. It would be wonderful to win one.

  29. I have a steam cleaner, but it does not have the floor attachment. Very bulky and I don’t take it out too much. I’ve been looking at getting a floor steamer instead. I see all of this stuff around the toilet bowl, the faucets, in the trim around the cabinets, etc and I’d love to be able to have a machine that can do all of this!

  30. Oh my gosh! What a fun give away! I never thought about using it to clean the shower- what a time saver!

  31. I desperately need to clean the tile grout of our house. When we moved in here two years ago, I hand scrubbed every tile in this house (along with the grout!). It was hard work, but it looked pretty great… for about a month. I need a steam cleaner to clean the grout. It would be so much easier, and probably look so much better!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. i have a big, hairy, messy lab mix. ’nuff said. yay! thanks!

  33. I would use my SteamMachine Plus to clean our hardwood & tile floors, bathrooms, and oven! I can’t wait to see inside it again…

  34. Wow… thank you for all the cleaning ideas! I would use it for everything you mentioned, especially my arch nemesis… dried food on the high chair!

  35. Original 1969 capizi shell tile in entry foyer. I am pretty sure it’s not supposed to be grey.

  36. Do I have to pick just ONE?!?! Probably my windows…they haven’t been done since we’ve lived here…and I’m not telling how long that’s been!

  37. I have wanted a steamer for so long! Now I do even more. Who knew how much you could do with it??

  38. Ah! I would love to use this to clean the bathroom! And furniture. And windows…

  39. Wow. Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I might need one for our floors once spring soccer season hits…..we live in a very rainy state and the mud volume is off the charts. :)

  40. I would definitely love to use a steam cleaner to clean the windows in our home….we recently purchased a foreclosure and the previous owners were *heavy* smokers. It would be wonderful to get in all the nooks and crannies of the windows and get all the tar residue and smell out! Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings!

  41. I am potty training one boy and the other is 9 months old… So spit up and drool are also in the mix. Cleaning up after the boys (and their big sister) would be our plan!

  42. I wonder how well this will clean my light terrazzo floor… it is supposed to be ivory, but looks gray/brown in some areas and no amount of cleaner can get rid of it!

  43. I would not know what to think if I could see through my glass on my oven door!!

  44. This would be so great for the MAJOR spring cleaning I have planned at my house!

  45. Oh my goodness this machine sounds so wonderful! I am always buying and trying new things to clean everything around the house and it looks like this could take the place of most of them! I’m going to go check these out now and then try to figure out how to sneak one into the house so the hubby doesn’t notice and shake his head at me. Again. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  46. Liisa Sanchez says:

    Wow!!! I’d love to win and try out all these suggestions for myself!! Thank you for your giveaway!

  47. I’d use it to clean grout. Thanks!

  48. I have wanted one of these for a long time now!

  49. Love this! I have tile and grout in my bathrooms, and my knees would love a break from bending and scrubbing!

  50. Oh wow, I’d use the steam cleaner for just about everything…our apartment has wood floors and laminate throughout, and it wasn’t in the best condition when we moved in. Would love to tackle some of the stains in the kitchen…and the paint drips on the hardwood…and under the claw-foot bathtub…*shudders*

  51. Oh this looks awesome!

  52. I use my steamer regularly to steam my daughter’s mattress when she has an accident… amazing!

  53. This would be fantastic for cleaning the inside of the oven! I’ve tried lots of cleaners coupled with lots of elbow grease and cannot get it anywhere as clean as those pictures! YES PLEASE!

  54. I would use it on everything you listed and find a few more uses I’m sure!

  55. Dede Jackson says:

    Oh my word! I would use it on everything! Moved into a “new” (to us) 1926 house. Everything needs to be cleaned!

  56. I have a teeny-tiny steam cleaner that I love. This one would be even better for cleaning, since I no longer have carpet on my first floor.

  57. I would use it to clean our shower and carpets!

  58. Carrie Brumbach says:

    Omg! I would love to have a steam cleaner! Thanks for the ideas.

  59. Gina Liston-Forrester says:

    Thanks Lindsay! Your list is very informative and your article is helpful as I now know what type of steamer I need to obsess about. LOL!

  60. Gina Liston-Forrester says:

    Sorry! You asked what I’d use it for, well I’d definitely use your list as a guide but I think the first thing I use it for is my bathroom, then our front windows, then the carpets, etc…

  61. I had a steam cleaner that wasn’t the best of quality but it was so much easier to clean my wood floors and lets not forget that I have 3 boys so I could do some series damage with it!

  62. Pick me Pick me!!!

  63. I have tile floors and kitchen counters, would love to steam them!

  64. iralee poore says:

    love this for tile floors and shower doors!!

  65. I’d use it to clean my tile and grout. Didn’t know you could use it for that. I’ve just used a toothbrush, which took forever!

  66. Nancy Carr says:

    I have dogs and ceramic tile floors. This would be great for me. Thank you.

  67. I would definitely try it on my glass shower first!

  68. I have been wanting one of these ever since I read your post about using the steam machine to clean your oven door! I can’t stand using the self clean setting on my oven, so that is definitely one of the (many, I’m sure!) things I’d use it for!

  69. I just bought a new house and there is some suspect looking tile in the main floor bath…

  70. I would use it in my car and of course all my hardwood floors and grout.

  71. Beth Busch says:

    I have no carpet other than area rugs and have wanted to get a steam cleaner for a few months. It would be so much easier to get my floors really clean!

  72. I would use mine for almost all the reasons you listed! Hope to win!

  73. Nicole delaney says:

    I would totally steam the yuck is right off all of my daycare items! Toys, multiple times a day, nap mats, highchairs, swings, bouncers, walkers, saucers, baby dolls, changing tables, little tables and chairs, my painting area too!!!

  74. So many sewing projects, so much hatred of ironing!

  75. The floors! The tile and grout are in desperate need!

  76. Whitney Breck says:

    My steam cleaner broke a few months ago and now that I have a newborn, I am desperate to get my floors sanitary before she starts crawling! (Plus, I’m very tired of getting on my hands and knees to clean the tough spots)

  77. My floors could use a really good cleaning!

  78. Owner of 4 cats and a dog, so lots of floor cleaning needs to be done.

  79. Patti Ingram says:

    I would start with the tile grout. Then pretty much everything else in the house. :)

  80. I’ve always wanted a steam cleaner… I only want one more, now!!!! Great ideas!

  81. Rosemary Crawshaw says:

    need this

  82. Angie Nicholas says:

    I would use it on E: All of the above. ;D

  83. Wood floors and WHITE tile floors. Ugh. I love wood and tile, but WHITE tile? I usually have a steam cleaner, but could use a new one, particularly a more versatile one! Cool!

  84. Val Jensen says:

    The possibilities for using a steam cleaner seem endless! Would love to have one.

    Thank you for offering this chance to win one.

  85. I would use it on our tile floors.

  86. Sanitation! I love to stream mop my floors, I would love to steam my sofa too!

  87. Oh I would absolutely start with the terrible grout kn the bathroom! We have those 4×4 tiles covering nearly every. Single. Surface. In there and they could REALLY use a good steaming! I have a cheap popular steam mop and it just does not do the job.

  88. I would use it for the floors and then try the other great ideas.

  89. Well ….before I read your extensive list of uses for a steam cleaner I would have said my shower, bathroom floors and vanity, etc ….but WOW …..I can see where there are virtually unlimited uses for it around the house, especially for someone who likes everything clean – like me. :)

  90. I would use my steam mop on my area rugs!

  91. Would love to use on my rugs!

  92. I’m already dreaming of using one to tackle my oven door.

  93. Chris Baker Cox says:

    I would use it to remove some stains from my carpet.

  94. You had me at “Cleaning around the cat box” as I have four (4) cats!

  95. I would definitely tackle the grill and oven! Even the stove top and crock pot insert.

  96. In cleaning kitchen and bathroom

  97. I would definitely use this for cleaning grout!

  98. julie gonsalves says:

    I have a basic steam clean mop, but the handheld attachment seems like a dream!

  99. I would use it to clean my oven! That is so smart! With three boys and pets, I’d use it all the time!

  100. Cheryl Lewis says:

    I would use it for all 20 of the suggestions! I need one!

  101. patty Gutierrez says:

    I would use it to clean that rubber seal around the refrigerator door. I hate cleaning that!

  102. I iron my clothes almost everyday. A new steam cleaner would cause that chore to take 1/5 of the time it does now. I also love to carpet clean my floors, but I hate dealing with the bulky machine. This would make the job so much easier on my back and allow me to carpet clean more than once a year.

  103. Maryann Beckman says:

    Oh my oven. IT would be amazing

  104. Right now I would use it to melt the ice in my awning!

  105. I would be so excited to sanitize my bathrooms regularly!! I also love the thought of cleaning the oven door window!!

  106. I would definitely use it to deep clean every crevise in our house. We have two small dogs and between them and my husband, things get dirty! i’d try to clean my crown molding with it! see if that’s an easier way to deep clean overlooked areas of the house :)

  107. My husband bought an old farm truck & I could use this on the stinky seats

  108. Well, let’s see – I live with 2 stinky dudes, 3 hairy dogs, have 2 messy young grandkids that visit weekly, and we actually live in our house. What WOULDN’T I clean with it?!?!? I would LOVE to have one!

  109. Clean ALL the things! 😉

  110. New old house with so many cleaning challenges…this would save me!

  111. Wow, I have FIVE litterboxes and one boy. That would be a TREMENDOUS help around the house!

  112. Gail McMurray says:

    I would use in to clean my floors and try it some of your other suggestions, like the oven.

  113. Betty Anne says:

    I would start with your 20 uses.

  114. Wow! That machine looks awesome. I am in need of a steam mop since my old one broke, and I love the idea of using to. Clean more stuff.

  115. Yay! I want one of these sooooo bad.

  116. Sandy W in Ohio says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!

  117. I would use it on my outside windows, definitely! They are waaaay past newspaper & vinegar!

  118. Stefanni L. says:

    I would use it to clean shower doors and rugs that dogs have muddied. Thanks for the chance!

  119. Wow…. sounds amazing to get some of my to do list done…. kitchen and baths….

  120. My kitchen and my bathroom. Oh I’ve been wanting one of these.

  121. Nicole Lyon says:

    I’d use the steam cleaner for just about everything… with an 8 mo old, I could use it!!!! :)

  122. Brenda Clark says:

    My home is almost all tile, so this would help me a lot, especially with 2 small dogs in the house also.

  123. I can think of a couple dozen places to use it, lol. But my grout would be very happy with a deep cleaning. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  124. Wow, with two kids and two golden retrievers I could use a steam mop constantly!!!

  125. I would so love to keep my new house clean with steam. I could use it in the bathrooms, the entryway, the kitchen and so much more!

  126. Im potty training two boys so this would be heaven!

  127. We are buying a new house that hasn’t been updated in 50 years! I would love one of these bad boys to help me clean its guys out and remove wallpaper!

  128. Julie Halvorson says:

    Wow! The SteamMachine seems amazing! I would use it on the pet stains on my new carpet, out bathroom vinyl floor and bathroom tile, the kitchen floors, our drapes, my sons high chair and toys, my husbands car and I’d even take it over and help my mom and my grandma deep clean their homes. It’s such an awesome tool!

  129. I would use it to clean outdoor cushions! I didn’t realize you could do that!
    Thanks for the tip.

  130. I would use it for cleaning all the things you listed!
    Lisa k.

  131. With 4 boys, 2 dogs and a cat- I could really use one of these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  132. I would use it to clean my tile floors!

  133. I’d love to try this steam cleaner!

  134. Laura Lynn Williams says:

    Steam cleaning my area rugs, they need it so badly!

  135. Definitely tackle my windows!

  136. I’d use it for the floors.

  137. I would use my steamer on my floor. I just put new tile in and would like to keep it looking great.

  138. Love a good steam cleaner and could really use one for our new floors!!

  139. I have wanted one for so long! I hope they also do blinds!

  140. Diane Reza says:

    I love steam cleaning. I would use the steam cleaner in my entire house.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Emily Mosier says:

    This would be perfect for our new baby who is just about to become mobile!

  142. The machine sounds great! This is what I should have asked for at Christmastime!

  143. I would use it on my floors to get out icky dog stains!

  144. Staci Torgerson says:

    I’m grooving over the fact it will clean oven doors! That would definitely be my 1st project. My second, would be to clean my tiles in the sunroom. It was built in the early 90’s and has that awful white tile and grout and is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Finally, I’d love to see if it cleans vinyl siding…inherited that too with this new old, house. Think it just might work.

  145. To clean a spot on my carpet w/o dragging out the shampooer would be so very nice.

  146. I would totally use it for the boys bathroom! You all get the picture 😉

  147. I live in an apartment with white carpet and two teenage boys…need I say more?

  148. I would love to have a steam cleaner. I have a boy with bad aim….need I say more?

  149. With 2 cat, 2 dogs and 2 kids I would use it everywhere.

  150. I would use it to clear our ceramic floors and carpet.

  151. Lisa Heinz says:

    Your comment about cleaning the bathroom, moms, boys….I didn’t read all of it because I was already dreaming about using this in our bathrooms!!! Pick me! :)

  152. Becky Bixler says:

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  153. Katy Miles says:

    What a great list! My Mom has a steam cleaner that I’ve borrowed a few times and it works wonders! I hope I win – I won’t have to borrow anymore!

  154. I would use it to clean my windows- my least favorite spring cleaning task. Who knew???

  155. I’ve never owned one and now I know I REALLY need one. Windows, shower glass, ovens, Oh my!

  156. WHAT?! This is insane… and genius!! I need this in my life.

  157. I have always wanted to try a steam cleaner. After seeing this post I NEED one! Thanks!

  158. Lisa Wilson says:


  159. Laura (sandytoz) says:

    I presently have a monster steam cleaner and a small clothing/drapery steam unit. Love the power of steam! Thanks for the opportunity to win another steam machine!

  160. Ellen Casper says:

    I would clean all my tile in my house.

  161. I will definitely be using this for bathroom floors! I hate mopping them the traditional way because I feel I am just smearing it all around. Lol. Thanks for the great list of uses. I will be trying some of them.

  162. What great ideas! Thanks for the tips, hope I win!!!

  163. Now that you gave those wonderful ideas I will use it on my whole house!!

  164. Frances Chitwood says:

    Thank you for helping me to realize how badly I need this steam cleaner. I would use it to clean up after my two dogs for syrw. But my windows and white tile rhat surrounds my bathroom definitely needs a proper cleaning. Previous tennents left them looking gray and I have tried everything to no avail. Your list would also become my list after I finish the task I have already mentioned. I’m sure I could come up with at least 20 more projects. As you can tell, I really need this steam cleaner in my home. I found you on pinterest and I’m so glad I did.

  165. Tiffany Talbert says:

    I have been wanting one of these for awhile now! Pretty sure I would use it everyday! :)

  166. I’ve always borrowed my Mom’s to steam clean my shower/tubs, but I’d love to have one of my own. I still dance as an adult, and man could I use a steam cleaner for those tutus and skirts!

  167. Love how easy the steamer makes it to clean a shower…

  168. Martha West says:

    I would use it to clean my tile and grout first, then everything else!!

  169. I have a steam floor mop but would loooove a hand-held unit for cleaning everything else in my house!

  170. Kristin C. says:

    What wouldn’t I use it for after seeing your awesome list =) Definitely for the bathrooms, grout, oven door and upholstery! Fingers crossed!

  171. I would love one of these!! I have twin 4 year old
    boys and would be thrilled to use this in all my bathroom cleaning!!!

  172. I would use it n my kitchen and bathroom. To me these are the most germy places in the home.

  173. I’d use it everywhere ! First I’d clean the cars, the floors, my shower door that I’ve threatened to remove! My curtains in the bedroom and on and on!

  174. I would use it to clean my floors. Not very interesting, but my floors are very uneven and hard to get really clean.

  175. Id start in the bathroom.

  176. I would use it on my floors and bathrooms. Awesome giveaway!

  177. I would use it to clean the floors. Boring, I know, but I have lots of kids and a dog :).

  178. I would use to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors!

  179. Karen Williams says:

    Since I’m allergic to most chemicals, I try to keep it “green”. With steam, I feel that things care clean and disinfected. I have a steam cleaner that’s on it’s last leg, so I really need to look into getting a new one.

  180. My current Bissell steam mop is on it’s last leg so I really need a new one!!! Would love to win one. Had no idea you can use it on windows or shower glass doors – that’s pretty exciting! No chemicals!

  181. Becky Creason says:

    I have two year old twin boys who are very messy eaters. I would use it daily on their highchairs and the floor. DAILY!!!!

  182. Been eyeing this for some time… glad to hear it works as well as I had hoped! Biggest place I’d use it is the bathrooms.

  183. Rachael Dararutana says:

    What an excellent list of uses for a steam cleaner! It had never occurred to me to use one for more than just cleaning the floor! Now I feel like having a steam cleaner would be very useful.

  184. Janice McElhone says:

    Yup….I need this!

  185. I have been looking for a good steam cleaner for years! Thanks for sharing your recommendations and uses! I am a neat freak so I would use a steam cleaner for EVERYTHING!

  186. I have a cheapy little steamer that only does floors – I would love to try and conquer the oven door… such great ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. I’ve been searching for a new steamcleaner and have two litter boxes and a big house this would be a huge help with!!!

  188. Amy Chadbourne says:

    I use my steam cleaner for everything. Would love to have an even better one for cleaning and getting rid of those pesky wrinkles chem free!

  189. Thanks Lindsey – some of those I wouldn’t have thought of. Now just have to get a a hand held one!

  190. Super cool! Would love to use this on my painted concrete floors.

  191. Allison Hansen says:

    I am looking at an upholstered chair in my living room that could use a good steam cleaning.

  192. Joanne Cannella says:

    One of my favorite uses of my steam cleaner is the inside of the microwave. I feel better using the steamer instead of any chemicals where we heat up or cook our food. And it cleans it really well and quickly.

  193. Shelly Humble says:

    Great post! My steam cleaner only does one thing…cleans the floors. I just have a simple steam cleaner my mom gave to me that only cleans the hard floors and carpets. How awesome would it be to have a steam cleaner with attachments to be able to clean around the toilets! Thanks for sharing.

  194. Great for floors, bathrooms, counters. Love the ability to clean without chemicals!

  195. I would use it for everything! I have two boys and two dogs…so everything

  196. Well, I have read a lot about this machine, and I know it would make my home cleaning so much easier, I also would clean my kitchen wall tiles very easily .

    Thank you!!

  197. Milly Skach says:

    Bring on the steam to my shower doors! The buildup is so bad they aren’t transparent any more.

  198. I’ve been needing a steam cleaner for over a year, and this one looks awesome!

  199. Great tips, thanks

  200. Living with 3 men. . . Nuff said. :-)

  201. I would clean the grout…because I’ve never done that before. o_O

  202. OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDNNNNNNEEEESSSS I need this! we moved into a house that has a ton of tile and it always is so dirty it drives me crazzzzyyy. Would love to have this.. even if I dont win will def be investing in one!

  203. I’d actually mop my kitchen floor. I had a cheap steam mop that broke and I never replaced it. I’ve been spraying Method all purpose cleaner and using a DIY swiffer to “mop” for two years now.

  204. I have a 1940s/50s bathroom and that basically translates to “Floor-Ceiling 4×4 Tile” or in fewer words “GROUT CITY”. It’s basically killing me to try and get between each one and this would make my life easier. Not to mention my bathroom sparkle :)

  205. I have 3 boys + toilet… enough said, I think. :(

  206. I would start with the floors and bathrooms, and then go from there!!! Thanks for all the suggestions and the chance to win!

  207. I’ve never used a steam cleaner but I definitely need some serious grout cleaning and love the idea of using it to clean windows! I hate cleaning windows.

  208. Abby Raymond says:

    I would clean the heck out of my shower doors and wood floors! With a messy partner and always muddy dog, this would be a dream for me to have!

  209. for all the clothes i never iron….

  210. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I, too, have lots of little boys using our bathrooms, so I would clean around my toilets with the steam cleaner first!! And then I would do my tile floors!! Thanks for a great contest!

  211. Oh, I’ve been wanting a steam mop for the longest time. I have a puppy….need I say more

  212. Jackquelyn says:

    I would use it for a lot of things! One way that I had never thought of before was to clean the oven door! How awesome!

  213. I like my shark but would be open to something new.

  214. What wouldn’t I use it for? I think I’d love to use it on my outside windows. Some of them are pretty gross. We also have a wood burning stove so I’d like to use it to make sure all of the ash and stuff in the grooves of our tile and brick get nice and pretty. And we have a dog; she’s old. We need new carpet (‘nough said). I think I’d use it everywhere.

  215. I would use this to keep my brand new house clean!! Not an easy task with a 2 year old boy :/

  216. I would use it on my floors!

  217. I have 4 kids and a husband. Need I say more?

  218. The list of possibilities are endless, and especially after reading this post, I would definitely tackle the stains that have been bugging me on my cloth couch, and the carpet attachment would definitely get a good workout too!! Not to mention the tiles and grout in my entire house! So excited. Even if I don’t win, I think I will be investing in a machine soon!!

  219. 2 kids ,2cats ,1 dog . Say no more.

  220. I would totally use it for my little boy toilet problems…ugh!

  221. I have a Shark, but would love a steam cleaner that has the various attachments you write about.

  222. i would use it EVERYWHERE. but mostly the bathroom!

  223. I would clean my impossible to clean linoleum.

  224. Thank you so much for the tips! Some great places to use a steamer. Hope I win one 😀

  225. to clean the kitchen floors

  226. Karen sheridan says:

    Thanks for tips!! Would use on tile floors for sure!!

  227. Ashley White says:

    I’d use it to keep our hardwoods looking gorgeous enough for the sunlight to gleam off of them all the time!

  228. I have got to get one of these!! I would use this on everything in my house!

  229. Courtney E. says:

    my son is only 6 months old, so he’s not making messes – yet. my husband however? ya. this could seriously help around our house!

  230. I would use it to strip wallpaper, clean my bathroom floor, counter tops, etc.

  231. I would start in my master bathroom shower and then continue in every room of my house!

  232. Tina Matteson says:

    Oh my goodness, I would love to have one of these, especially for cleaning the inside of the microwave!! Thanks!

  233. I never even thought of all these ideas! Thanks!

  234. I have wanted one of these for a while but didn’t know what model would be good. I like the thought of steam cleaning my stove top. It gets plenty of spatters and because it’s gas, I really don’t like using (potentially flammable) cleaners on it. Plus, scrubbing the burner cover/grate things that the pans sit on is a nightmare! I soak them in hot, soapy water, but it doesn’t seem to help much without a ton of awkward scrubbing!

  235. My current steam cleaner doesn’t have any attachments. I would use use them to clean my shower as suggested in the article and the inside of the oven door. A carpet attachment would be great too!

  236. spots on carpet. I have 2 carpet cleaners and neither work anymore

  237. Oh my gosh I need one for my bathroom floor!

  238. stephanie p. says:

    I have three boys. This woild definately come in handy!

  239. Awesome ideas. I like the shower door and upholstery ideas.

  240. I have been wanting one for a while now! Would use for anything and everything possible!

  241. I would love this for ironing my curtains!!! I have never thought of that!!!

  242. I would use it for just about every single one of these tips! Especially the cat box area!

  243. Great ideas!

  244. Brittany Searles says:

    I would use it for ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! The handheld attachment sounds amazing!!!!!

  245. Brittany Searles says:

    I would use it for ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! The handheld attachment sounds amazing!!!!!

  246. I would use it on every surface possible! I only have 2 area rugs and a lot of floors to mop/clean!!! Plus a toddler and contractor hubby=Dirty floors! Lie to use it on my sliding doors!

  247. Oh my goodness! I could really use one of these in the house we are moving into next week! The uses for these are incredible! Thank you for sharing!

  248. So many uses for this machine! I have 3 kids, 2 of which are boys so I am all over using it to steam around the toilet bowl!

  249. I would love to have one of these machines. My slider doors and windows would sparkle and shine like never before.

  250. I can’t even tell you how sick I am of mopping wood floors all day, so this would be awesome!!

  251. I would use it to clean our carpets and our tile and grout! Although you’ve now given me so many new ideas for uses!!

  252. I HATE cleaning floors, especially in the bathroom. Therefore, they get a little neglected. That would be the first place that I disinfect with the steam cleaner!

  253. Who knew there were so many uses for these things! Can’t wait to get steaming :) Thanks!

  254. I would use it on my oven door. It actually looks more like a door than a window. 😉

  255. The tracks of my window! They get so gross and they’re so hard to clean!

  256. I would use it to clean our kitchen and bathroom floors!

  257. I would use it to clean our couch! It has a certain smell to it that isn’t gross, but smells like a mixture of perfume and dust…I’d rather a clean smell!

  258. Krista McGuire says:

    Kitchen and bathroom floors, love the idea of cleaning the oven as well!

  259. We totally need one of these. First thing I would use it for is our computer room, the carpet in there is a hot mess!

  260. To clean the tile floors, glass showers, and massive mirrors in my apartment.

  261. Katie McCarthy says:

    Would love to win this to help clean up after my two legged and four legged family members :).

  262. I would use it for every little thing in my home! I am getting goosebumps thinking about how clean my home could be!

  263. I would use it to clean our disgusting master shower that I avoid cleaning all the time. I hate it! We have hard water and get icky build up really quickly (probably not so quickly if I CLEANED MORE OFTEN). Fingers crossed!

    • Tylynn Gardner says:

      Have you ever tried using Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixed to clean the shower? I mix the two about 2 parts soap to 1 part vinegar and pour it in a dish soap wand brush with the scrubber sponge on the end that you use for dishes. Scrubs the crud out of your shower!!! Now, that advice is only if you don’t win this fantastic steamer….

  264. Tylynn Gardner says:

    Oh my how would I use the steam mop? I think the question is what WOULDN’T I use the steam vac for…. I really want to do some wall scrubbing and hope this is something that would help me. I have 4 boys – 15, 12, 9, 6 and my walls are filthy!

  265. Loved this post! Years ago, I actually bought one off of tv (lol). I have been wanting a new one ever since that didn’t work any longer; which didn’t take long! For tile alone this would be the bomb!

  266. holy cow! I’d use this to clean every inch of my baby infested house! Seriously though… we are moving in a few weeks and it would be great to get the new place in check before we move in as well as give a good scrub down to our old place!

  267. I’ve been eyeing a steam cleaner for years. I had no idea there were so many ways to use one!

  268. Lucy Schmidt says:

    Wow! Maybe I won’t have to give up on my shower door, tile and grout, and stained car upholstery after all. And it does windows, too???? Marvelous!

  269. I need to see if I can purchase handheld attachments for my Shark! I want to use it on my windows and glass shower door! Thanks for the tips!

  270. I don’t have a steam cleaner, but I have wanted one ever since we moved into our almost all-tile house. With 2 little boys and 2 dogs, I can totally see how useful it would be!! Now to convince my hubby…

  271. I would LOVE a steam cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  272. Thanks for all the great ideas! Never thought of some of them!!

  273. I do a horrible job cleaning floors! Maybe this would help!

  274. My mom just got a steam cleaner for Christmas. I’ll be sure to send this link to her!

  275. I neeeed one of these. I’ve been pestering and hinting at my husband that we need to get one. No luck so far, but I will have one. Oh yes, I will.

  276. Wonderful post. I’d ue it for all these things.,

  277. Kim Mitchell says:

    I have been labeled a clean freak so this would just make me a little freakier. Lol. Would love this!

  278. Shower doors – great idea! And my outside patio furniture.

  279. Tile and grout!!!

  280. First I’d use the brush attachment and get all of the tile and grout throughout my house. We have a lot!

  281. Jenifer Eaves says:

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea you could use it for all these things! As a mom of a baby turning 1 in two weeks, as well as having 2 cats and 2 dogs, I NEED THIS! My couch needs this! Our tile floor needs this! My whole house needs this! Oh goodness!

  282. With two little kids I would love to be able to clean my home without chemicals!

  283. Tiffany A. says:

    I would go upstairs right now and steam the glass in our shower, it really needs it! Then I would move into guest room and steam the new curtains, the wrinkles are driving me crazy!

  284. Oh gosh, I just bought a floor steam cleaner, but I should’ve upgraded to one with a handheld attachment too! My house, with two toddler boys, an older dog, and a brand new puppy, is in DiRE need of a good cleaning (despite cleaning everyday)! Especially our windows, which seem to be a magnet for yogurt-covered fingers, which the dogs then proceed to lick off….

  285. I was just thinking of how much I wanted one of these, and I didn’t realize this one could do other things besides floors! I would go to town on my laundry room. We have yucky floor tile, white cabinets and white counters, and there is a layer of what I can only assume is lint grime just below the washer/dryer.

  286. What great ways to use a steam mop!!

  287. I would love to use the steam for cleaning my floors and the bathrooms. Thanks for sharing.

  288. I would use this to finally have clean floors on a regular basis. I have a huge dog, a cat, two kids, and a very busy life.

  289. The attachments sound awesome, I would use them for so many different things in our house, including
    the shower, windows, and oven!

  290. With three kids and two (off) white chairs in my livingroom, a steam cleaner would be a (furniture) life-saver!

  291. This would be so useful as a mom to two boys!

  292. Ashlee Baskin says:

    Wrinkles! I too don’t love the iron 😉

  293. I would definitely use the steamer for curtains/bed spreads. The floors could always use it too!

  294. Tiffany Sechan says:

    Would love a steam machine to clean up after my dog who makes it his mission in life to clean up our floors with his tongue.

  295. i would use it to clean my shower glass! I hate cleaning it!

  296. Michale Hall says:

    I would clean my shower

  297. With 5 kids (the youngest just learning to crawl), it is a nightmare trying to keep everything clean and safe for the youngest. I would use this to make sure all the surfaces in my house are clean. Then maybe i could relax a little.

  298. Majell del Castillo says:

    I would use it to clean tile grout on the bathroom and kitchen floors, the oven, the caulk around the toilets, and our white arm chairs. They are in need of some steam cleaning!

  299. Ashley Morrison says:

    with 4 kids and 4 furbabies this is needed for my whole house!!!

  300. I would use this for everything. It looks amazing.

  301. With the pets I cart around to the dog park, I think i could use this in my car more than my home.

  302. I would steam my entire house! Walls included… : )

  303. I would use this to clean all kinds of things, but the first thing I would clean would be our floors. We live in the country and have a dirt driveway. Between our shoes and our two dogs there is an endless supply of dirt and mud. I would love to get some of that out of the cracks in our hard floor!

  304. As a person who hates to iron, clearly I need a hand held steamer!!!

  305. I use my steam cleaner for my floors, walls, cabinets, stainless steel appliances. But it’s kind of stinky?? Yikes!

  306. This would help in my attempt to only use more natural ways to clean my home!

  307. This is an awesome giveaway. With 5 little boys in my house I bet you can figure out where I would start using it.

  308. Brooke Meek says:

    I have 2 teen boys, a husband, a dog, a house full of tile floors, and a serious itching to keep things clean!! I would DEFINITELY use it in the bathroom, and on my huge front windows!!

  309. omgg!!!! I would LOVE one!!! We are moving into a new house soon and it is, mostly, carpeted!! I have a dog and an almost-2-yr-old boy :):) PLUS – my garment steamer just crapped out on me!!

  310. j. Kendall says:

    Love this product & would like to have it at our home. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  311. Carrie Widdison says:

    I would use it on EVERYTHING! I want a steam cleaner SOOOO bad!

  312. I would certainly use this on my carpets.

  313. The house we’re moving into next month is almost entirely hard floors of one type or another. So I’d get a lot of floor cleaning use out of a steam cleaner.

  314. I’d use it to clean the grout in my hallway & bathroom! Along with my hardwood floors, oven, windows, etc….

  315. clean everything in my day care

  316. I am the proud owner of a NEW small painting company. As I’m sure you all know, it has not been an easy task. So while still working on a new client list and gathering more/new tools on a very slim to null budget, this steamer would come in extremely handy for wall paper removal and I’m sure some other things like simply cleaning my house……lol…..Well, thanks for allowing me a chance to win this wonderful prize!!!!!

  317. I would love to win this steam mop. I am about to move into a house with concrete floors throughout the whole house. I can’t imagine using a standard mop for that large of floor space.

  318. I would use it the most for my small not-quite-so potty trained dog. It would come in handy for that the most!

  319. I have six sons and two daughters I would use it to kill the gunk they create!

  320. I would clean up the spots on my sofa.

  321. I would use it to clean my tile & grout!

  322. I would clean my stove (including the oven)!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!! I would love it.

  323. I would use it for upholstery and my tub enclosures!

  324. Denise Manghi says:

    3 dogs, 2 cats and a brother. I need the steam cleaner just to keep up!

  325. Chantell Farley says:

    I would use it on EVERYTHING!!! We live in a rental house and I’ve never been able to get our shower quite as clean as I would like it no matter what I use. I would totally tackle that!

  326. Definitely my drapes!

  327. I would definitely use it to clean the granite countertops and inside the fridge bins:)

  328. I would definitely use it to clean my grout and tile floors and then some. Always wanted one, but never knew if it would do what I needed it to do, but after seeing this, I am convinced !

  329. I would clean the tile in my foyer and bathrooms.

  330. I would start with the bathrooms and go from there until the whole house was clean and sanitized!!!!

  331. I would use it for everything! Floors, windows, mirrors, grout and rugs to name a few

  332. Becky Thomas says:

    I would clean pretty much everything! Toilets, showers, windows, oven….

  333. We are moving into a new apartment and this would be perfect for the move-in/move-out deep cleaning!

  334. My whole house. As a senior citizen I am finding it harder and harder to do the needed cleaning. What a wonderful arcticle. Thanks you.

  335. I have trouble with allergies and I would think that this would really help.

  336. Lindsey Von Fange says:

    I would use it to clean & sanitize my nasty 1980’s tile countertops!

  337. Man, I have been wanting a steam cleaner/mop for the last little while. My kitchen tile and grout need it!

  338. I have been wanting one for awhile now and would use it everywhere, especially my carpet, shower, and grout. Thanks for the tips!

  339. Tracy M. says:

    I hate cleaning. Steam cleaning is faster, safer and cleaner! I have a small steam cleaner which limits its use. I really would love to have a cool new steam cleaner!

  340. Always wanted to try one!

  341. I would definitely steam my shower and house windows! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome machine!

  342. We have 3 indoor kitties. Two of them occasionally think outside the box. :(

  343. I would definitely use it for pet stains. :(
    And my 1960s oven door could use a thorough cleaning.

  344. Merideth says:

    Chemical free counter cleaning, upholstery spot removal, and ridding my windows of salty air residue are top on my list!

  345. It cleans glass shower doors??? COUNT ME IN!!!!

  346. Christy says:

    I would definitely clean my oven first. I have a steam mop, but that’s all it does. So after my oven, I would steam my curtains that I’ve been too lazy to iron so I just hung them up out of the package, thinking the wrinkles would fall out. A year ago. It might be nice to do that!

  347. I was working on carpet spots last week. Now I know how much more could be done with a steam cleaner!

  348. I was just thinking this past week that I need a steam cleaner! I would use it first to clean the grout on my tile floor and the bathrooms (because I have boys). The possibilities are endless. Thanks for your awesome list is ideas!

  349. Lydia Hughes says:

    My son has major allergy issues so I’d use for all of these things including mattress & bedding. I’d love to see through my windows again too. Cleaning the oven window is like having icing on the cake!

  350. I have 2 small dogs and a muddy back yard, there are countless places I could use a steam mop!

  351. I would definitely use it on ym tile grout in the kitchen and bathrooms and the oven door idea is brilliant!!

  352. Marcy Stanley says:

    I have two dogs…so I would use this on my wood floors!

  353. Absolutely everywhere!

  354. Allysia H says:

    This would be awesome!

  355. I would definitely use it on our soft wood floors. That and the bathroom. I had no idea being married with kids could be so messy!

  356. carolee c. says:

    I would love to use on my entryway linoleum!

  357. I have a teenage boy and 2 dogs. Enough said!

  358. I have a sweet indoor dog who sometimes forgets what “outside” means. Four beautiful grandchildren 6 and under. A teenager, and a husband who farms. There are sooo many ways I would LOVE to use a steam cleaner. My poor floors, my bathroom, my carpet, my upholstery, my bedding, my tile entry, around my wood stove….wow I could go on and on.

  359. With a toddler and a 4 month old, I am such a clean freak! I love being able to use steam instead of harsh chemicals. With my toddler potty training and a little boy potty training in a short year and a half, I am super excited to use it in the bathroom!

  360. Three kids under five – my entire house would benefit from a good steam clean! I’d love to see what it could do on my tile floors.

  361. My floors need this machine!

  362. I would use it to clean my bathroom and kitchen floors. But now I see there are so many more options! I don’t have one but have seen my sister use hers and love how it works. I definitely plan to get one!

  363. Estela I. says:

    I would use it to clean everything, LOL time for a good spring cleaning!

  364. Meaghan Sutherland says:

    My tile and grout would be thrilled to be steamed!

  365. Lindsey says:

    Well the highchair sounds like a good place to start! and of course our whole house is tile so that would be next!!

  366. I used to have a steam mop but it broke a couple of years ago. I could really use a replacement! With a preschooler in the house it’s hard to keep up with keeping the floor clean (we usually rock the “barely presentable” look) and I’d love to trade in my swiffer mop for a new steamer!

  367. I would use this EVERY WHERE in my house! Showers, oven doors, floors, carpet, tile. You name it, I have a place to try it out. Would love to win it!!!!!

  368. Rebeka Caudill says:

    Where wouldn’t I use it?! I have 2 boys & 2 boy dogs, so guess what’s everywhere… at least it feels like that some times! I just can’t come up with a good way to clean around the base of the toilet! We also have tile floors, and I bet it’d be great to break up that gunk that gets on top of the kitchen cabinets! Why is that dust so dang sticky?!

  369. Talitha says:

    My couch and carpets need this!

  370. Becky in Georgia says:

    I would use a steam cleaner to clean our shower. Thank you!

  371. I would use mine for my floors…all of them…they are old. 😀

  372. I would LOVE to try it out on our bathroom grout!

  373. Thank you for the opportunity to win and keep my home cleaner. With all the animals steam cleaning would be awesome.

  374. Marisol Maldonado says:

    Boy…can I use one of these right now! 35 weeks pregnant and in serious nesting mode! Was on my knees today getting the grime off my bathroom floors and tub!

  375. With another baby on the way, a dog and a cat (not to mention a husband) I could certainly do with one of these!

  376. I need it for floors! Hands and knees is getting old!

  377. To clean my nasty kitchen and bathroom floors.

  378. These ideas are great! I think I would be so excited I would steam everything!

  379. Jackie T. says:

    I own one of those big, honking machines that is a pain to use. Needless to say, I rarely drag it out. When I have battled the demon, it’s been used to clean the den carpets, upholstery, & drapes. Except for a few emergencies (bathroom plumbing disaster & pet or child accidents too large to be cleaned by hand), it’s not been used to clean carpets in the rest of the house. After tackling the den, I’m too exhausted to continue. I usually have good intentions to keep the ball (monster) rolling, but the dread the ongoing battle sends me looking for something (anything) else to do to keep the monster in it’s cage.I’m amazed at the things you can (should) be able to do with a steam cleaner.I had no idea the oven door could be cleaned without replacing it.I would LOVE to own a machine & banish the monster. Thanks for the tips, as well as the opportunity to win one & slay the ferocious dragon once & for all!!!
    ~ Jackie T.

  380. I would use it for my bathrooms.

  381. Marilyn Spohn says:

    I would use it on my shower doors!!

  382. Cindy Ford says:

    I would love to win one :)

  383. Oh man…my animals leave a mess and a steam cleaner could do wonders for helping keep my home clean. Thanks for the chance to win one!!!

  384. I have two little boys. I see clean bathrooms in my future, finally !

  385. I think I’ll buy one and go through all 20!

  386. Alison H. says:

    I would use this for most likely EVERYTHING listed above! Thanks!

  387. Michelle M says:

    Those are fantastic ideas! I have a steam mop, but wish I could do more than the floors. Our grill is in desperate need of cleaning as are our sofas. Those would be my first two cleaning missions, if I had one of those machines.

  388. I have wanted one of these for years! I am a new mom x2 and now obsess over my floors more than ever!

  389. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I would use it to clean in every room!

  390. I would use it for everything!!

  391. K Rawson says:

    They work on windows? Who knew?!?!
    I’d love to try all the attachments, too. I’d clean my sliding glass doors
    (Kiddo fingers & puppy noses leave my doors a daily mess!)

  392. I would clean all the floors and grout in my home

  393. I would steam EVERYTHING in my house! How fun would that be!?

  394. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t found anything that can clean the cracks in my laminate floor- drives me batty! I’d be beyond excited. Great ideas, ps.

  395. Ashley Outland says:

    I would loooooove to have this! I have wood floors in my kitchen and in my living room & a tile-floor bathroom that could really use a cleaning from this steam cleaner! Thank you for the opportunity!

  396. jillian says:

    love the idea of cleaning the oven and grill with out the chemicals! I would definitely try it one those to first them the rest of my house!

  397. I think I’d like to try it on my outside windows – I have a few that have some sort of crud on them.

  398. I’m excited to use steam to disinfect all the kid/baby items!

  399. Mommymel says:

    Bathrooms, clothes, mattresses, counters, Windows, oven, and I’m sure more. It would be put to good use around here!

  400. I’m getting ready to move, so, you know…everything!

  401. Benny Sequeira says:

    Bathroom/kitchen floors, mattresses, around toilets, arm rest on couches etc… the list is getting endless !

  402. I would use it on our new wood look tile that we have spent the last three months installing. Not to mention on our carpets. With a 3 year old, an18 month old, plus two dogs there is always something that needs cleaning.

  403. pamela jablonski says:

    Oh, my gracious! I would use it EVERYWHERE!!!

  404. Jessica says:

    Awesome! Hear so many good things ab these steam mops lately!

  405. Jennifer says:

    I have a little boy who is potty training. This would be perfect for cleaning his bathroom!!! :)

  406. Carmen N says:

    I’d use it for my tile floors and for my all-tile shower

  407. Michelle N says:

    How crazy to see this today! I’m not kidding about this: I have been googling steam cleaner for the past two days! I would LOVE to win one!

  408. Bev Wittmer says:

    I started to use it on the window but stopped with the thought of the widow shattering cause it wad super mold outside. I do think the hot & cold would be a good idea. But great for everything else.

  409. First vacuum the area and then employ a stain remover
    on the damaged area; make sure you use environmental friendly products.
    Make sure that the power switch, height level controller and any other
    controls are easy to access and use. It’s also important to
    consider how much traffic your floor will be
    subjected to.

  410. Homeschoolers with 4 kids and no time. This would be great on my bamboo floors, and shower door, and bathroom, and uhhh about everything. Seems way more doable than my old ways


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