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I have an odd fascination with the wire macrame hoops in craft stores.  I don’t know how to macrame – or have a particular love of macramed crafts – but I think the hoops offer a lot of different opportunities on their own.  I used them to make a ribbon chandelier for my daughter’s nursery several years ago.

More recently, I used them to figure out how to make a mobile.  I wanted to do something fun and modern in Emma’s big girl room. Turns out, it was really easy!

I began by buying four macrame hoops in different sizes.  I think the largest one was 18 inches and the smallest was 6 inches.  I also bought a few different colors of cord from the craft store.

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I wanted to do something that seems a little woven and global, so I decided to wrap the hoops in twine in alternating colors and patterns.

With the blue and white twine, I tied a knot around the hoop.

How to Make a Modern Mobile via

Then, I wrapped that twine around the hoop about 50 times.  I cut the twine leaving about a 2 inch tail, and I tied that to the gray twine.

How to Make a Modern Mobile via

I wrapped that about 50 times and went back to the blue/white twine.  I alternated this (with some orange/white twine thrown in for fun) until I got to my beginning point.

Then, I untied my original knot and tied it to the end of my last piece of twine.

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Here I could have cut off the loose ends, but I really liked the rough look of the extra twine.

I wrapped each hoop differently – and one I even left completely unwrapped.

To turn the hoops into a mobile, I laid them all out flat with the hoops spaced where I would like them. Using small lengths of twine, I tied the innermost two together, then the 3rd and 2nd one, and then the 2nd and outermost one.

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Then, I put a little cup hook in Emma’s ceiling and hung the mobile with a piece of twine tied to only the outermost hoop.  This allows each hoop to spin and turn individually.

How to Make a Modern Mobile via

The end result was a lot of fun.  I love how it hangs!  It sort of has a Dreamcatcher vibe.

How to Make a Modern Mobile via

This modern mobile was sort of a risk, but it was a cheap and quick one – and a risk I’m glad I took!  It looks really sweet in Emma’s room.  The mobile is a fun piece of art that isn’t overwhelming.

How to Make a Modern Mobile via

Does this look like a project you’d like to try?  Grab those macrame hoops and let’s bring them out of the 1970s!

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  1. Yes, now I want to go and get macrame hoops for a project! Love it!

  2. Well, now I’m going to have to be a copycat. I think I need one!

  3. Love it, especially the baker’s twine!

  4. Dana Crowell says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE MOBILES!!!! THIS IDEA IS ADORABLE!!! Can you imagine them in a grouping of 3?! Thanks so much for this lovely idea. (P.S. Mobiles at our world class Art Museum in KC are at least $150.00 or more!

    • A grouping of 3 would be amazing! And in different sizes – perfection. My husband had an art mobile from a museum when we first got married – I wonder where that thing is now?

  5. Very cool Lindsay! Truly something I have never seen before. Love it.

  6. Wendi Vostad says:

    Did you make the curtains too? I was going to try and do anthropoligie look alike curtains like that.. I’m thinking you beat me to it. Do you have a tutorial? I LOVE them!

  7. Great tutorial. I love mobiles. Can I ask what font you use for your photo watermark and signature line?