A Mother’s Prayer Over an Old Sippy Cup

“MOOOOOM,” I hear my 7 year old son yell from his playroom.  “I found one of Emma’s cups!”

“I take it to you,” Emma tells me as she grabs it from her brother.

“Thanks for bringing it down,”  I say to Emma.  “Just DON’T DRINK IT!”

As she rounds the landing on the staircase, I see the sippy cup spout touch her lips.  “NOOOOOO!”  I scream.  She laughs, knowing that she just got the reaction she wanted.

I am immediately horrified.  My children only drink two things – water and milk.  Try as I might to make sure that she keeps all of her sippy cups downstairs, 2 year old Emma is a sneaky little girl who can sometimes get one past me.  We have found them under the playroom sofa, in a toy bin and inside a cabinet.

Finding one of Emma’s old sippy cups is a bit like playing Sippy Cup Russian Roulette.  I could get lucky, like I do most of the time, and find that it’s just water.  Or, I could be a big loser and find that it is filled with curdled milk.  Yep, I’ve been a loser more often than I care to admit.

So, each time we find an old cup, I say a quick prayer over it in hopes that divine intervention can change the outcome.  Dear Lord, Please let this be water and not milk.

Keep Calm and Pray It's Water | Makely School for Girls

Mothers have an unspoken bond over the week old sippy cup.  Some of us hold our breath and close our eyes as we pour the contents down the drain.  Others of us toss the cup in the trash for fear of finding the unknown.  And we all pray that our child didn’t actually drink whatever was in that cup.  It’s a little thing that we don’t talk about much, but it can be horrible.

To give myself a little chuckle, I created the above “Keep Calm and Pray It’s Water” graphic.  I thought it was fun, so I turned it into a free printable for you guys.  It prints on 8 1/2 x 11″ paper, but the graphic itself is sized for a 8 x 10″ frame.  I think it would be hilarious next to your kitchen sink or given as part of a baby shower gift.  The free printable is available in blue, green, red and gray.

Keep Calm and Pray It's Water | Makely School for Girls

They are available for immediate download below.  Please let me know if you have any problems.

What’s been your worse sippy cup experience?  I almost hate to ask!

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  1. Love this!
    My father-in-law tells of the time when he was eating in the car and got choked. In desperation he grabbed a baby bottle that was rolling in the floorboard, unscrewed the top, took a big swig and found it to be curdled milk. He says he was grateful there was anything in it at all. He’d rather have drunk curdled milk than died, but it makes me shiver every time I hear it! (This was in the 60’s, by the way.)

  2. Haha~ this is so me! One of those moments that you never want to tell anyone or admit to but it totally happens more time than I care to mention!

    Thanks for the free print!

  3. I have totally done this so many times. I think the worst was smelling something horrible in my family room and not putting the smell to old milk in a sippy cup. I think I went a few day of just wondering what died and was it in my vent system. Yeah…that one just got tossed!
    Thanks for the great post!

  4. Been there too! Oh it was awful. Baby girl drank a big swig of curdled milk, then spent the morning puking all over me. I felt so bad!

  5. Oh, that is hilarious!!! And I have thrown out more than my share of sippy cups! 😉

  6. This seriously made me chuckle out loud. I’ve definitely been there. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. This is not what I expect when looking for remodeling blogs but it is hilarious and true!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this! I can relate to your reaction of frantic intervention. My two year old only drinks milk, water, or 1/2 water 1/2 juice and I pray it’s never milk she finds.

  9. I would definitely be one to just throw it away! Maybe give it a shake first, lol. Great post, very entertaining!

  10. Just read this post today and had to chuckle………..my boys would play with their sippy cups after they drank them and of course, they’d roll under the bed or sofa and disappear for a few days (or weeks, yikes). I’m not sure which is worse, curdled milk or curdled formula. Sometimes, I’d find one and just drop it in the sink on the days my husband does the dishes and make it his problem – LOL! I can still visualize the fear while holding my breath as I’d unscrew the lid hoping it wasn’t milk.

    The other thing we would find in our house was binky’s. We had weened my at the time 2 1/2ish year old from binkys and had gotten rid of all of them…….or so we thought. About 6 months later, my son rolled a toy under my bed and went to retrieve it……..he stands up with said toy and a binky he finds (I can just see the dust and germs on it – obviously I don’t look under there quite often enough). “A binky”……into the mouth before I can say no. He did put it in the trash after that, but I was so sure he was gonna get sick after that……but he didn’t.

    • Oh and let’s not forget the curdled milk sippy in the car that you don’t discover until it seriously smells……confined spaces are not fun!

    • Oh, man! That formula smelled bad when it was fresh – I can’t imagine what a curdled one would smell like. YIKES!

      Since I wrote this post, my daughter found a sippy cup stashed in her play kitchen. When I opened it, the milk was black. BLACK. It went directly into the trash can and I tried not to freak out.