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Welcome to Makely School for Girls – your go-to guide for taking decorating risks in your home.

You want your home to be unique and inspired.  You want to push the decorating envelope so that your friends will think you are a genius.  And you want to do it all with a tiny budget.

Great!  You’ve come to the right place.

Makely School for Girls is the place to find tips, tricks, tutorials and inspiration for creating a unique space that you are proud to call home.  Whether you are looking to rehab a tired piece of furniture or paint a bold pattern on your walls, we’ve got you covered.  While many of the ideas found here focus on vibrant and eclectic living, the same techniques can be applied to those interested in other decorating styles.

Always budget conscious while never taking decorating (or ourselves) too seriously, Makely School for Girls is your home’s home away from home.  Or something like that.

Join us!  We’re enrolling now, and the “tuition” is always free.


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About Lindsay

I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.  People know me.  I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. -Ron Burgundy

Okay, not really.  I don’t have any leather bound books, I don’t live in an apartment, and I’m not sure if I have any mahogany furniture – if I do, it’s likely been painted yellow.  What I do have is a really fun and popular website.

Makely School for Girls is the reinvention of my original home decorating and DIY blog, Living With Lindsay.  Back in 2008, I started writing about the projects and ideas I was putting together for the rooms in my home, and I continued writing under that name until October of 2012.  I don’t have any formal training other than from the School of Trial and Error, so nothing that I do needs any special skills that couldn’t be quickly learned.

I’m a color-obsessed, stay at home mom of two.  With the help of my wonderfully supportive, talented, and handsome husband Tom (think that was enough to get him to help with my next project?), I am transforming our blah blah builder’s beige home into an inspiring and eclectic space, one Technicolor dream room at a time.  Our children, Zack (age 6) and Emma (age 2), get in on the action as much as possible.  I’m not sure how most families spend their weekends, but we spend ours burning up the road between Home Depot and Lowes.

We live outside of Austin, Texas and love that the weather is nice enough to DIY year around.  We aren’t what you’d think of as typical “Texans,” although I do drive a pick up truck.  I mean, how else am I supposed to get my newest furniture projects home?

What Others Are Saying

There is something very special about your blog. It is fresh. I want to compliment you and thank you for making this experience so much fun and empowering. It’s a wonderful feeling when I see something you’ve put up and I think I can do that. – reader Cheryl

I always wanted to [have an eclectic style in] my house but never could quite figure out how everything “went” together.  Your blog gave me the courage to do it….For the first time in a long time, I am completely overjoyed with our Living Room, and I have you to thank.  – reader Heather

I love your personality, Lindsay. I’ve spent a good half hour [reading your blog] this morning and not only learned something but gotten to know you a bit. Thanks for all the time and effort you and your family put into making your blog so much fun. – reader Pamela