Mastering the Master Bedroom {the Reveal!}

Nearly one year after I began the process of transforming our master bedroom into a unique and inspired space, I’m happy to {finally} report that the transition is now complete.

If you will remember, my master bedroom used to look like this – plates, toile and all.  It was a nice space, but it was safe, unfinished and certainly didn’t scream Lindsay.

The new room is a 180-degree turn from the previous.  It may be too bold for some.  It may be too busy for others.  But for me?  It’s just right.

It’s hardly recognizable as the same room, don’t you think?  It took what seemed like a million years to complete, but I made each (and sometimes agonizing) decision in a thoughtful manner, making sure that each item placed in the room was one that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  Every thing has a purpose.

One of my favorite views is the one of the bed, where I can see the wonderful gallery of photos of my little family.  Our family photographer had them printed on metallic paper for me, so they shimmer in the sunlight.

On my side of the bed, you’ll find the mid-century modern bar cart that I defiled updated to use as a nightstand.  You’ll also see my bright yellow dresser and more black and white photos of my kiddos.  I picked up the silver and black antlers at the Round Top Antique Show.  My husband isn’t a fan of them, but I’m a big enough fan for the both of us!

The chevron walls are a surprise shock to some, but we love them just the same.  Two of our walls are painted with bold gray chevrons underlined in a thin silver, metallic stripe.  The other two walls are just solid gray.  I’ve had some readers say to me, “I could never sleep in a room with such busy walls,” but it doesn’t bother us in the slightest.  After all, our eyes are closed when we sleep. 😉 Instead, we feel like we are falling to sleep in the pages of a magazine, and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

My husband’s side of the bed features a great typing cart I found at a local antique store.  It’s the perfect color, perfect size, and perfect story – the label on the front of it says that it is from the Tiffany Stand Company in Saint Louis, Missouri.  So is he.  Well, he’s not from the Tiffany Stand Company, but he is from Saint Louis.

He also gets an up close and personal view of my layered, open frame collection.  Lucky him!

Of course, I can’t leave out my little thrift store cast-off dresser.  It’s proof positive that you CAN turn something ugly into something beautiful.

I installed white bottom up/top down cellular shades in all the windows.  They are perfect for the room because we generally only have them cover the middle of the windows for privacy (they are fully raised in the photos), and we get tons of bright sunlight in the room.  I added an industrial crank table, yellow chair and a ReStore restored chandelier to create a little sitting space.  It’s perfect for having a cup of coffee or tying your shoes.

Next to the sitting area is my leaning mirror and Brutus, the cute white French Bulldog statue I found at one of those stores where you never really find much of anything good.  My husband and son delight in dressing him up in silly outfits, and I make a big production of being put off about it.  :)

I am so happy to share my completed room with you.  It is everything I imagined…and more.  A bunch of thrift and antique store finds can certainly come together in a modern, eclectic fashion.

I’ll put together a tutorial and source list and post that in a few days.  Until then, here’s to me finally getting it finished!  (Update: Here’s the list of sources and tutorials.)

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About Lindsay Ballard

Lindsay Ballard is a former college mascot turned political geek turned DIY fanatic who is conspiring to live in a Technicolor dream world. Her designs are bold and graphic, while her spirit is fun and full of color. Lindsay chronicles her projects and design ideas here at Makely, where she shares daily tutorials and inspiration. Lindsay lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband (Tom), children (Zack and Emma) and dogs (Jack and Duke).


  1. OMG!!!!! I adore this room. You did such a great job. I am redecorating my house, and those layered empty frames need to find a place in my house. Love it!!! Awesome job!!!

  2. A very good job! You took something nice enough, but predictable, and put your own stamp on it in a bold way! Those are my favorite type of makeovers – the kind where you can really see the personality of the person come through!!

  3. Wow Lindsay you did AWESOME! Love the boldness of it all!

  4. What a killer room!!! There are so many things in there to choose from and say it’s my favorite, but I can’t decide on one, I love it all! This so makes me want to get our master done ASAP :)

  5. Good for you, it looks beautiful, glad you both like it so much. Love the side tables, very industrial, and I love the color of the room, it’s so dark and moody and cozy feeling!

  6. Lindsay, WOW! That is such a dramatic makeover and it looks great. Love your use of color, pattern and meaningful objects. Did you refinish the headboard/footboard? I love them!

  7. I tickles me pink to see someone create and decorate a room exactly the way THEY want it to be.. Enjoy every moment in your new sanctuary.

  8. Your room is FAB!

  9. I LOVE IT. Seriously, I just pinned it with the caption, ” I want a room this bold and put together”. It is amazing.

  10. It is absolutely gorgeous Lindsey! Love how bold it is. You did a great job!

  11. stunning! i fell in love with your open frame collection…it looks fabulous in your room! and that chevron wall….to die for girl! your room is inspiring…quite inspiring! great job!

  12. What about the bedding? Love that turquoise pillow and lamps!!!

  13. Looks like a room right out of a magazine! Gorgeous! The bedding is to die for!

  14. great job. i love that you took your time to carefully choose everything. they all work so well together.

  15. I love,love, love it! The chevron works in this space. And i’m jealous of all your tables. But where did you get your bed from? Did you repaint it? I would love a bed like that, but don’t want to pay a fortune for one of them.

  16. Wow Lindsay, this room is really amazing. Yes, you did a great job of reflecting your style in a modern and eclectic way. I really love the dark walls and the photos are so nice to have in a master bedroom. And I love the pooch! Great job :-)

  17. The frame gallery is absolutely killer…Come decorate my house pretty please! Ha!

  18. It looks beautiful Lindsey, and I love the colors. Bold, dramatic!

  19. Hi Lindsay-

    What a difference. It looks tres chic. I love the yellow pop of color.

  20. While chevrons aren’t a personal favorite of mine, you do a greatawesomewonderful job of pulling it together with the rest of your room–definitely magazine-worthy. :-) I’m jealous! And I adore the colors you chose.

  21. Beautiful! My favorite things are the layered gallery wall and the pops of turquoise!

  22. This is incredible! Those layered frames are gorgeous.

  23. Jenny Kusters says:

    I love it!!! Great job!!!

  24. Wow! Your room is gorgeous. I love every last detail — including the bold walls! Seriously, wow.

  25. I love it, Lindsay! Definitely like something out of a magazine! I love each and every DIY touch. Great job! It’s gorgeous!

  26. it’s GORGEOUS…i love the quietness of the gray and white on the walls with the pops of color…the yellow and turquoise “surprises” are my favorites!

  27. Lindsay, it really looks great! all that hard work payed off for you. Very unique and personalized. Great job!

  28. Whoa! It looks amazing! I would have never thought of putting yellow and turquoise together, but it definitely works. LOVE the layered frame installation. Very cool..

  29. Chic….that is ROCKSTAR! Seriously, from the paint job to the decor pieces. The pug is precious too :) Thanks for some serious inspiration and congrats on completion (no small feat, I know)!! Maybe I should start thinking about what I *love* and less about what it’ll *look* like :) Your room is gorgeous.

  30. You are so talented at pulling everything together, it looks amazing!

  31. It looks great! I love how the room is both masculine and feminine at the same time.

  32. Wow. That is stunning. What a transformation. Beautiful job. Love the little touches of the turquoise.

  33. Holy cow, that’s AMAZING!!!! That chevron wall is awesome, and I still can’t get over that wall with the frames. Brilliant! It may have taken a year, but so worth the hard work!

  34. Love this! Any chance you can post your paint colors? I love the color combos!

  35. Any stripe painting advice? I absolutely love what you did with the room. Loving the large scale chevron and the pleated drapes!

  36. Wow! I love it….It has soo much personality.

  37. It looks incredible, Lindsay. I thought I missed the reveal so many times and kept wondering if you posted about it. SO glad to see it complete and you really did an amazing job!! xo Jenna

  38. Your room turned out so great!! As a long time follower it’s so neat to see your style develop! You only get better girl!!

  39. I totally love it – love every piece – love the antlers, the chevrons, the bar cart as a side table. Fantastic job!
    And congratulations on being featured on The Inspired Room (from where I came).

  40. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You have done such a fantastic job!!!! Good on you!!!! It looks absolutely devine and you have inspired me to think about what to do with mine!!!! THANKS!!!

  41. Fantastic, Lindsay! I love the boldness and innovation. And both dressers are fabulous!

  42. It looks amazing! Love it!

  43. Wonderful! Congrats and I hope you are enjoying the heck out of it. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  44. So beautiful! Love the boldness of it!

  45. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! OMG!!! This is so beautiful. You have inspired me to “step out of my comfort zone” in my room. It’s green and I love the colors, but it’s bland too. (PS, if you have an extra year, you can come help me ;0))

  46. I LOVE it Lindsay! You did a great job! The photos are just beautiful.

  47. Personally I don’t like chevrons but i DO love the bold impact of this room. SO much better than the original. So much more depth and personality.

  48. WOW! You did a fabulous job! I love, love, love it!

  49. So gorgeous and unique! I have also wondered why bedrooms are supposed to be “relaxing” when yes, your eyes are closed and it’s dark…so what’s the problem? But that’s just me, and with that said, our bedroom is the softest shade of gray ever. 😛 I love your bold walls and colors!

  50. It’s fantastic! What a difference – from drab to fab! Love the bold chevron. The bar cart and typewriter table used as nightstands are terrific!

  51. It’s absolutely stunning! I think the colour combination is so bold, yet blends so nicely together! Beautiful job! xo

  52. AMAZING! You did a fantastic job and you have inspired me to do up my own room in a way that says “ME”!

  53. My favorite is the layered open frames. The room is fabulous.

  54. I love this room! It features the best of what styles are popular in design movements. The painted furniture, layered frame art, chevrons, DIY furniture, all of it! I think you did an amazing job pulling it all together and making it look fantastic. There’s nothing better than having a space you love to be in!

  55. All I have to say is GORGEOUS! I need someone to come and do this to my room.;)

  56. LAMPS! OMG I love those blue lamps! Where did you find those??

  57. Looks great! How did you do the curtain rod in your bay windows? I love it. Is it 3 separate rods or some kind that is connected? I have a similar bay window and have looked for rods to go on them many times and never found anything.

  58. I say it’s absolutely perfect! Just perfect!

  59. Wow! I literally love EVERYTHING in that room. You did an amazing job. Now put up your feet and enjoy it! :-)

  60. I am most CERTAINLY in love with your bedroom!

  61. This is so beautiful! I love, love, LOVE the frames on the wall…..can I *please* come for a sleepover?? :)

  62. LOVE this! So many great ideas in here. I’m featuring your room on my site. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  63. The silver added to the chevron makes them pop off the wall and look 3-d! Awesome job on the whole room!

  64. Hi! I love the room. I have wanted grey walls for a long while and this confirms it!
    Can you PLEASE tell me what brand and shade yellow you used to paint the dresser and chair. I love it!
    -Rachel :)

  65. What an amazing space! I would LOVE to sleep in a magazine and your room certainly looks like it is from the pages of one. Really!

  66. judy in carefree says:

    A magazine-type room, but not a restful place to sleep. You did a great job pleasing yourself and that is ALL that really matters. I’d develope a headache if I had to wake up there.

  67. Love your room!!!

  68. Lindsay, WOWWWW!!! This is AMAZING… I love so much about the room. It’s got so much energy! I don’t know where to start… OK, maybe with the yellow dresser in front of the black and white stripes… that looks GREAT. The design is very edgy! Even looking at the screen I wonder if I could get sleep in that bedroom or if it would keep me up just looking at everything.

    You have done an amazing job with this. Beautiful Reveal… you should be submitting this all over the place… I bet the folks at YHL would love to show this off!

  69. Love, love, love it!! Job well done!

  70. The round turquoise pillow is called a smocked pillow. I made some of these these when I was a teenager. I’m now almost 65yrs. They were very easy to make and think there are probably instructions online at some of the craft sites.
    I can’t believe I’m seeing these after so many years. What goes around will come around again – I believe.

  71. Jean Loper says:

    Love the amazing photos on the wall!!!!

  72. You did a fab job! It looks wonderful!

    Will you share where you got your curtain rod too, please? My bedroom window is very similar to yours and I’m having a hard time finding an appropriate rod. Thanks!

  73. Congratulations on finishing your master bedroom! It is definitely an inspiration for me as we have been in this house for 10 years and I’ve worked on everything else but the master!! I really need to get to it :) My vision for our room is all white and silver- very calm, but I can still appreciate your style- it is very well done!
    I love all the DIY projects- it proves you don’t need a lot of money to have a tastefully decorated home. Good for you!

  74. Karen Jerread says:

    Fabulous room. Definitely shows that it was put together with love and intention.

  75. WOW Lindsay!!!! That is fabulous!!! Absolutely daring, but I love it! Hats off to ya!

  76. Congrats on finishing! You must feel so proud to know that you really had in hand in creating every aspect of the room. You created a room for YOU and it really shows!

  77. Misty Maki says:

    PERFECT!! L.O.V.E. the antlers

  78. Hey there!

    I just wanted to let you know because I love your site so much that I decided to feature your button on my ‘blogroll.’

    Thanks for all that you do,

  79. Very Nice!! I am going to pin this to my favorite spaces board on Pinterest!

  80. Absolutely Aaammazing!! So in love with everything in the room. Especially the chevron walls and your open frame art. Can’t wait to see the tutorials for it all. Good work!!

  81. Nice job!!! Source for the white duvet cover??

  82. Your bedroom looks fantastic!

  83. amanda@mommyiscoocoo says:

    It’s amazing. I hope you are loving it EVERY SINGLE night! Beautiful job. And, I love that you kept it realistic with the amount of time it took for the transformation.

  84. Your bedroom is gorgeous! And, so you. Nice job!

  85. Your Master bedroom is amazing!! Thank you for sharing.


  86. That bedroom is awesome!!! I like the walls, the bed, the chair, the table, the frames, the pictures…. You are so very talented!! It really looks like a room from a magazine but cozier!!!

  87. WOW!! Love the transformation Lindsay, great job! Love all of the pops of color and the chevron walls for sure!!

  88. Love your room! Where did your awesome headboard and footboard come from?

  89. This is absolutely AWESOME! I love the layered frames, I love the silver detail on the chevron and I think it has just the right pops of color! So great!

    A few blog friends and I are hosting a link party on Tuesday, the 31st. We all tackled our most daunting tasks in January. It would be so fun to have you link this up!!!

  90. Girl this is gorgeous!! I am in love with it two! I think the walls are bold but awesome! The color combo is fantastic. Amazing job! Tweeted and Pinned!

  91. Oh my goodness! This is out of-control-cute! I want to live here!

    I have to ask you where you got your bedding – duvet cover??

  92. Wow! This is awesome! Well done.

  93. You did a simply FABULOUS job! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!! :)

  94. I just commented on your design transfer post, and then started poking around and realized that your blog is responsible for 50% of my pins! Woman- you are so talented! We are renting, so I feel like we’re so limited, but your blog just makes me ache for the day I will own a home.

  95. Love the look of your room! Where did you find little Brutus, I absolutely must have one of my own. Also, I have a similar silver antler rack that I use display necklaces.

  96. Hi-
    Love the room. I have a Tiffany Stand company table just like yours. Can I ask what you paid for it? Looking to find out what it is worth.
    Thanks so much

  97. Can you come to my house next??? I am such a decorating neophyte!!!

  98. Where did you get your frames?

  99. Hi Lindsay,

    Can you explain what you did to your bed? I am absolutely in love with it!


  101. Love the white bedding! Where is it from?

  102. Beautiful room! What is the name of the color you used on the yellow dresser and chair? Thanks!

  103. Im redoing my bedroom and I loooovee your idea of the chevron wall behind your bed. Did you just use painters tape to create the chevron stripes? If so, what are the demisions and mesurments between each stripe? Im in love with your room! Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yep, we just used tape to layout the stripes. We made sure they were level using a laser level we projected across the wall. We cut a template of one of the Vs and taped around it for each one so they would be perfectly symmetrical.

      • I just purchased my first home and am excited about redecorating my master bedroom. Your room is a beautiful inspiration! The template is a great idea. I’m a perfectionist and would love to know what are the dimensions/measurements between each stripe? It appears you have 10 inches between each horizontal point and 5 inches between each vertical point. I’d appreciate if you can correct or confirm :-)

  104. Love, love, love the room! Great job! The layered frame wall is my favorite. Could you do a tutorial on how exactly you did this? Also, I love your white comforter. Do you recall where you purchased this from. This is exactly what I am looking for.

  105. Shannon says:

    This is a gorgeous space you’ve created!! I LOVE everything about it. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  106. what a wonderful corner of the world you have there! KUDOS!

  107. What is the name/brand of the gray paint color you used on your solid walls? Love it!

  108. Wow, waaayy too cool – love that room!!! I’ve got this linked to my master bedrooms post as well today, it’s a keeper!!!

  109. Jennifer E. says:

    I’m quickly falling in love with your site. Anyways, I love the ambience of your new light fixture and how you really notice that tray ceiling now. I have to admit, I wish I was that bold.

  110. The other day I was browsing the latest House Beautiful magazine and I recognized your master bedroom in a Glidden ad. I was proud of you! Imagine being in an ad! Congrats!

  111. Nice blog… thanks for sharing with us..

  112. Did you use a stencil for the chevron? Love the room!! What colors did you use for the walls and the dresser.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I didn’t use a stencil per se. We measured our wall and figured out what size each V needed to be to start and end correctly on the wall. My husband used those measurements to cut out a V shaped piece of foam core and we just used that to draw our lines.

      The dresser is Decisive Yellow from Sherwin-Williams. The gray is called Dark Granite and the white I used is Powdered Snow – both by Behr.

  113. I love the painted furniture. Different colors but still look uniform without being too “matchy”. Nice work!

  114. I love it!!! So MUCH!!!!! I’m actually thinking of doing mine similarly in a few months! What is the metallic color under the dark granite color?

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  117. melissa kolm says:

    LOVE the room. How did you attach the frames to eachother?

  118. Renae Odegaard says:

    Okay…tell me about the gray in your master bedroom. I understand that it is dark granite by behr…but what is the sheen? Does it tend to look greenish, bluish or purplish? Ish. The reason I ask is…I just painted my master bedroom in SW Peppercorn and I see blue! I just want gray. Dark Gray. Please help.

  119. What a gorgeous room. I love it!

  120. Hi Lindsay – I have just come across your site looking on Google for grey, black, yellow bedrooms – I think you have done an amazing job – with everything in your room i.e. furniture, walls, love the frames idea:) your little table and chair etc etc – so beautiful. Needless to say I have put your website on my list of ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘signed up’ for your newsletters etc. So… thank you because I love your website.

    I have just re-decorated my bedroom with the walls in a Light Grey and have Silver Grey and Black bedding, but wanted a ‘punch/WOW’ of colour. My normal WOW colour is red, but wanted a change and thought about yellow – so, anyway back to the google pages I was looking at and to my delight came across a picture I liked, which happened to be yours with the yellow chest you have painted. Because I have wondered about painting my two bedside units in yellow and wondered if it would look too much, but… once I saw yours and the rest of your bedroom pictures – you have now totally made my mind up to paint the 2 bedside units in yellow.

    Although, one of the things is the fact that I have cream furniture – hence I thought if I paint the two bedside units in yellow I could paint the rest of the furniture i.e. the bed and 2 chest of drawers and my dressing table and stool in white – although I also like black furniture – still not sure whether black or white – they both would go with the rest of the decor. What do you think? Can you help me with my dilemma? I would very much appreciate it. Although, take into consideration that my bedroom is not as big as yours! Thank you and your advise would be very much appreciated :)


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