Tom Ballard

Tenured Professor

Tom Ballard is a life long tinkerer and do-it-yourself guy.  When he was about a year old, his parents bought a house that was built in 1907.  He spent his childhood along side his parents, renovating and restoring the home in St. Louis.

After college, Tom moved to Austin where he later met Lindsay.  She feel in love with him over his ability to hang drywall.  They have two children, Zack (age 6) and Emma (age 2), who get in on their DIY projects as often as possible – usually by spilling boxes of nails and making a larger mess than necessary.

A software engineer by profession, Tom enjoys solving complex problems and can (and will) over build just about anything he gets his hands on.  Lindsay believes that it’s a genetic trait among Ballard men.

Tom is finally stepping into the spotlight after years of working behind the scenes at Living With Lindsay.  Tom will be occassionally contributing his DIY knowledge on Makely.  We’ll eventually even get in him front of a camera for a real photo!