Anthropologie DIY: Peek-A-Boo Lamp Shade

It’s been a little over two weeks since I set foot in an Anthropologie, and I’m still ogling their goodies online every day.  Maybe twice a day.  Okay, three or four times a day, but don’t judge me.

There is one particular lamp shade that I am continuously drawn to.  It’s such a unique design, and I wanted to adapt it for use in my own home.  We all know I’m not paying $128 for a lamp shade!

My DIY version of the Anthro shade was very easy to put together, and has added a little spunk to an otherwise boring little lamp.  Peek-a-boo!

Fun, right?

I started with a plain, white shade that needed some updating.  I cut out a piece of burlap to recover the shade using Traci’s excellent directions from last year.  You will want to use a neutral colored fabric, and something the weight of linen would be really nice.  The burlap definitely worked for the final project, but if I did it again, I might choose something more light weight.  I left some excess length on the top and bottom so I could trim it up once it was on the shade.

Then, using the new Silhouette fabric interfacing that’s just come out (LOVE it!), I cut out an ornate frame from a black cotton fabric with my Silhouette machine.  It cost me 99-cents to download that design from the Silhouette store.  If you don’t have a Silhouette (girl, you NEED one), you can either find a clip art frame and cut the fabric by hand (back it with iron-on fusible backing first) or you can paint/stencil it onto the fabric.

I wrapped my burlap around the shade and “dry fit” the frame so I’d know where I want to iron it on.

I carefully removed the burlap from the shade and ironed on the frame.  A word of caution – if you are using fusible interfacing, don’t leave your iron sitting there for too long.  I did that, and it kind of burned my burlap a little bit.  It wasn’t bad enough that I thought I needed to re-do it.

I attached the burlap to the shade in a few ways.  The first thing I did was paint Mod Podge all over the shade with a sponge brush so that the burlap would stick when I was positioning it.  Then, I did a small line of hot glue around about 1/2″ from the top and bottom of the shade so that the fabric wouldn’t peel.  I think using both the Mod Podge and the hot glue ended up working great.  I trimmed around the top and bottom so the burlap was about 1/4″ shorter than the shade.

You might even get yours on straight, unlike me.  Eh, it’s good enough.

I used black 1/2″ bias tape to trim the top and bottom of the shade.  Unless your shade is the same width around the top and bottom, make sure you use bias tape instead of ribbon (which will pucker).

Now, to create the little surprise.  I went back to my Silhouette and cut 3 little chair shapes from black cardstock.  Again, you can do this by hand if you need to.  You can pick any shape you want, but I encourage you to pick a) something with simple lines that aren’t too thin and b) something fun and whimsical.

I cut three because I want to layer them to create one really thick shape.  I glued them together with a plain ‘ole glue stick.

You will then attach your peek-a-boo surprise to the inside of the shade.  I suggest using a glue that isn’t runny so that it doesn’t run down the shade.  I actually used some Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue and just brushed it on to one side of the chairs with a sponge brush.

Then, just press your little surprise onto the inside of the shade, positioning it so that it’s inside the frame.  I found it easiest to put the shade on my lit lamp so that you can see exactly where to place shape.  Take the shade of the lamp and press the design on firmly.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a fun lamp by day and a super fun lamp by night.  I can’t stop staring at my new shade!

What peek-a-boo design will you put in your shade?

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  1. Love your blog and especially the little chair shapes for the lamp. Are they available online?

  2. Wow this is so cute and do-able! Great tutorial!

  3. Lindsay, your Anthro lampshade is gorgeous!!! Hope you’re sending it in to Knock Off Decor. :) The little chair is just genius, and I love the frame!

    I’m hosting an “I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter” link party starting tomorrow, and I would love it if you have a chance to link this up. :) It’s for any kind of Silhouette/Cricut, etc. projects, tips, or tricks. :) This would be perfect!

  4. This is such a clever idea. I’ll have to give this one a shot; my wife would love it! I’ll share pics when I’m done

  5. What a cute lamp – this is AWESOME!

  6. how clever & chic! also love the anthro look but not the prices! i would frame something man-oriented, perhaps a motorcycle?

  7. Oh my gosh! Brillant! Becky from Infarrantly Creative sent out a tweet about it so I popped over-LOVE IT! :)

  8. wow, gorgeous!!

  9. Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I’ve seen several shout-outs on the web mentioning your lampshade, Lindsay! Looks like it’s a hit. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to link it up to my Crafty Cutter party. :)

  11. I SO loved this the minute I saw it (Serenity Now linked it on Facebook).
    Here is my interpretation:

    Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  12. Hi, Lindsay! I wanted to let you know that I featured this post today. I think you did such a great job. :) My inlinkz stats showed that 20+ people visited, but I’m trying to figure out how to encourage people to COMMENT. :s Wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate you taking the time to link up. :)

  13. I love the whimsy of this lamp. So much fun. When I have a lamp to makeover I’m totally doing something like this. Thanks for the tip on using bias! I probably would have struggled and sworn at ribbon. 😉

  14. Sara Alaniz says:

    Love this idea! I am a fan of birds how cute would it be to use a birdcage and a bird as the hidden feature. LOVE IT LOVE IT!

  15. I did a peek a boo lamp a week ago Monday and put sweet birds within.

    Come on by and take a sweet tweet peek.

  16. Me ha encantado esta manualidad. Gracias por enseñarnosla.
    By Nela.

  17. This is a great idea! I’ve never seen anyone do that before and it is too cool!

  18. I think this would be adorable with several frames around the shade and a silhouette of one of my kids in each.

  19. Ahh! I think it’s super creepy-looking! Ghost chair!


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