How to Create a Non-Slip Bath Mat from a Cotton Rug

My kids’ bathroom is set up much like a “shotgun house” – long and skinny.  When you walk into the room, you have to walk past the double sink vanity and then the commode (hidden behind a half wall) before you get to the bathtub/shower.

Bath mats have been challenging in the bathroom, because I want something in front of both the commode and the vanity.  Every bath mat combination I have tried in there hasn’t worked out for being too long, too wide, etc.  So, I decided that I wanted to customize something to go in there.

Instead of a bath mat, I found a black and white rugby striped cotton runner at Target for $20.  It was the perfect width to go in front of the double vanity, but slightly too long.  For $20, I figured I could take matters into my own hands and see what happens.

So, I took the rug home and cut it off about an inch longer than I wanted it to be.  Because it’s a cotton rug, handwoven rug, I was able to turn it under on the cut end about an inch and glue it down with my hot glue gun.  I also added some glue to the cut edge so that it wouldn’t fray.

DIY Nonslip Bath Rug via

The other thing I wanted to do was make the rug non-slip.  Instead of buying a rug pad, I bought a roll of Con-Tact Grip shelf liner.  I rolled it out flat on the bottom side of the rug and simply hot glued it into place, too.  In doing so, I put a lot of glue on each of the short edges and then just “tacked” it down every 5 or 6 inches on the long side with a dot of glue.

DIY Nonslip Bath Rug via

This transformed runner is working out perfectly.  Because it’s 100% cotton, I can put it in the washer (probably on the hand wash cycle in cold water to be safe) and then let it air dry.  The hot glue will likely hold the no-slip liner in place.

You don’t have to necessarily glue the liner to the rug if you don’t want to, either.  I have a few other rugs in my home that I just lay the liner on the floor like you would a rug pad.

I can’t show you the rug in the room yet, because that would giveaway some secret awesomes that I’m holding close to the vest until they are finished.  More fun coming soon.  Intrigued?

Have you ever used grip shelf liner as a rug pad?


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  1. Julia @ cuckoo4design says:

    I never thought about glueing it to the bottom or to use a shelf liner. Great idea!

  2. Do you suppose the shelf liner would disintegrate over time? We just had the backing on a standard mat fall apart and it made a MESS in bathroom.

    • Hi Carmen! That’s a good question, but I don’t think that’s a worry. We’ve had shelf liner under a few different rugs in our home for several years, and we haven’t had any problems with them disintegrating or anything.

  3. Patricia Thompson says:

    Yes, I have. I worked great on Molly’s (dog) SUV console rug!

  4. Great solution to slippery rugs! I better do this soon or else I keep doing the “I slipped on the rug” pose with one foot in the air and both arms out to catch myself!

  5. Yup! I use dollar store shelf liner to hold my rugs in place. Great idea! I actually need some rugs for our bathroom but I don’t like the typical shaggy bathroom rugs. I gotta try this!

  6. Interesting, really. That’s a very ingenious way to turn an ordinary rug into an upgraded non-slip version.

  7. I tried doing this with my rug and felt like MacGyver. This is such a practical way to make a non-slip rug!
    I’m remodeling my bathroom and will definitely use this idea again.

    Keep these good ideas comin’! LOL


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