Cute and Easy DIY LifeSaver Valentines + Free Printable

When I was in elementary school, one of my favorite days was the one that I got to exchange valentines with my classmates.  It was such a thrill to go to the grocery store with my mom and pick out a box of Care Bear or Rainbow Brite themed foil valentines.  I’d rush home and carefully tear them apart.  Then, I’d spend hours addressing them to my friends, taking extra care to make sure that each one expressed the perfect sentiment for each friend.  After we traded them at school, I’d treasure the new valentines I brought home for months.

So when Zack started preschool (what seems like ages ago), I reverted back to my elementary school ways.  I was giddy to choose a box of Tonka Truck (his then obsession) valentines for him and was delighted to address them to his new friends.  These valentines even came with stickers as favors to include, which I thought was perfect for his little class of 2-year olds.

On Valentine’s Day, Zack came home from preschool with a paper bag he had decorated, and it was full of valentines.  Where they simple foil valentines like I had sent?  Oh, no.  Y’all, I had fallen victim to my first experience with mothers trying to out do one another.  There were homemade baked goods, handmade paper valentines and “bouquets” of lollipops.  Apparently, my cute Tonka truck valentines made me look like I was just phoning it in. Gah!  What a stress for a first-time mother.

When did preschool Valentines become such a big deal?  At the time, I blamed Martha Stewart.  But now that we are in the age of Pinterest, creative handmade valentines are all the rage.  Zack is now in elementary school and Emma is in that same 2-year old preschool class.  As I’ve matured as a mother, I no longer feel the pressure to produce the class’s best valentine.  But as a sometimes crafter, I can’t help but want to try…

DIY LifeSaver Valentines with Free Printable | Makely School for Girls

This year, I’m ahead of the game with our valentines finished a month before Valentine’s Day.  Write this in your calendars, folks, because I am NEVER early with anything!  I designed a cute little valentine for both of my kids to hand out to their classmates.  It is unbelievably quick and easy to assemble, and it is inexpensive to boot.

I came up with the sweet sentiment of “Your Friendship is a LifeSaver” and created a little folded tent card to fit onto a snack sized baggie.  The back of the card says “Your Friend,” so that we could fill in either Zack’s or Emma’s name.  I left a space on the back left side of the card so I could go back and label each one with a classmate’s name once our teachers send the valentine list home.

DIY LifeSaver Valentines with Free Printable | Makely School for Girls

I bought a few bags of wild cherry flavor individually wrapped LifeSavers (because they were red) in the candy aisle of our grocery store.  The candy was less than $2/bag, and I used about three bags to fill 30 valentines.  I put five LifeSavers in a snack size baggie – I used Ziploc brand, but I think all brands are basically the same size.  Emma had fun helping me fill the bags, and we got a little counting lesson out of the task, too!

Then, I printed on white letter-size cardstock the printable that I designed and cut each one out on the thin black lines.  The printable below is available to you as a free download by clicking here.  Please be sure to let me know if you have any trouble with the download – I uploaded it as a Zip file to save you the download time, but you can double click the downloaded zip file to open it.  Zack wrote his name on his valentines with a red felt marker, and I did the same for Emma’s valentines.

DIY LifeSaver Valentines with Free Printable | Makely School for Girls

I folded the zippered part of the baggie over so that the bag wasn’t so tall, and stapled a tent card on each side over the zipper.  The result is quite adorable, if I do say so myself!

DIY LifeSaver Valentines with Free Printable | Makely School for Girls

You are welcome to use the above printable and make the same valentines for your child to take to school this year.  I’d love to hear if you use this idea!

Have you thought about school valentines yet this year?  What kind of cute things have you done in the past?

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Lindsay Ballard is a former college mascot turned political geek turned DIY fanatic who is conspiring to live in a Technicolor dream world. Her designs are bold and graphic, while her spirit is fun and full of color. Lindsay chronicles her projects and design ideas here at Makely, where she shares daily tutorials and inspiration. Lindsay lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband (Tom), children (Zack and Emma) and dogs (Jack and Duke).


  1. Michelle Leader says:

    Those valentines are so cute and I love that they are inexpensive. I have 4 kids in school and the treat giving at Valentine’s day can get expensive. We may be making tons of those. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. these are clever, simple and heartfelt! i intend to make them for my good friends — all of us long, long out of pre-school! thanks so much!

  3. thank you so much! these are perfect for my 11 year old daughter’s classroom valentines!

  4. These are awesome! I am for sure making some!

  5. These are great! I am going to make these for my fellow teachers that have helped me so much this year! (My first year back after an extended hiatus staying home with babies. :o) ) Thank you for sharing them.

  6. My husband are teachers at a small Christian school in our little town of London, KY. I am going to make these for our students. Thanks for the free download!

  7. *and I* :):):):)

  8. We’ve been using the store-bought boxed cards for 4 years now, and I must say, I am ready for a change :) This is the perfect Valentine gift idea, it works for both girls and boys, so my 8-year old doesn’t have to stress about giving a boy a “mushy” Valentine! Definitely going to use these this year!

  9. Simply adorable!

  10. Awesome toppers! I didn’t even know Lifesavers came in individual wrapped packages!

    The kids here mostly come home with store bought Valentines. Maybe a couple homemade ones in preschool but not many at all. And in preschool we don’t even have to write the names of the receivers on the tags. The teachers say it is easier for the kids to just put one in each bag rather than the teachers/parents trying to sort and bag all of the treats!

    • Oh, that’s nice, Amy! I think that it would be easier to do it without names! Last year in Kindergarden, my son had to write the names, but I think it was to get some more writing practice in. I guess we’ll find out soon about 1st grade!

  11. Linsay, these are inspired! I’m way older than elementary school mom age, but some projects have multiple applications. As a few of your other commenters have said, these can also be given to adult friends. Also, there’s no reason they have to be only for Valentine’s Day. They’d be cute for a mini surprise or thank you for a friend at any time! If you didn’t need to keep to a Valentine look, other Life Saver colors could be used, too. I intend to make some to keep on hand at home and in my desk at work. I’ll be brightening some days with them. Thank you so much for this clever, inexpensive idea and printable! You’re the best!

    • That’s a cute idea, Susan! I love the thought of you keeping some on hand just to brighten someone’s day. If I knew how to type that little heart symbol on my keyboard, I’d do it right now. 😀

  12. Melissa Frances says:

    Thanks so much for the download!!

  13. thank you forsharing the neat idea!

  14. Carmen Lucero says:

    Thank you! Nice way to say thanks to your friends :)

  15. Ash Aucoin says:

    I am the Mom to Teenagers! My daughter told me last night of some girls going thru a lot, the teenage years can be stressful. Your Friendship is a Lifesaver meant to me she can care and be supportive of her friends at school. I totally love it and am grateful we can do something positive in kids lives! Thank you so much. Ash Aucoin

  16. Lindsay I’ve featured your Lifesaver treat at MSN Living in the Family and Kids Section! Thanks for sharing your adorable idea on Pinterest!

  17. Thanks so much for this I needed something for church and this works great for everyone.

  18. Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you SO much for sharing this! My daughter loves crafting Valentines, but this year became a HUGE issue with making sure she didn’t have anything “lovey” for the boys since they are just her friends and she DOESN’T like them.

    You have been my lifesaver!! :-)


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