DIY Starburst Mirror Christmas Card Holder

Michelle here from 4men1lady. I’m excited to bring you my first contributing post to Lindsay’s blog!

If you’ve been to my blog you may remember this Sunburst Mirror I embellished over three years ago.

I found the mirror at Home Goods and when I brought it home the scale was much too small.

Photo by: Michelle Rasmussen, Wondertime Photography

I used my glue gun to attach some bamboo BBQ skewers from the grocery store, then gave it a spray and my scale issue was solved.

Photo by: Michelle Rasmussen, Wondertime Photography

A little over a year ago we moved.  When me made from point A to point B we opened our the box and out fell a hundred little broken BBQ skewers.  No biggie…that mirror was so 2009 anyway.

We recently installed new blinds from Home Depot in to our new home.  They make the blinds really long so that they can fit most any window length.

We were just going to throw the unused slats away but then I had an idea…can you see where I’m going with this?

I cut them down in to 2 different lengths…

…then began gluing.

Rear view:

Then, a new coat of primer and spray paint.

Here’s Vanna posing near the mirror for us so you can get an idea of the scale.

Not to mention, babies make any picture cuter, right?

The real reason I used the slats was because they were flat and perfect for clipping all the Christmas cards to we get during the holidays.

Found the silver clips at Office Max (I knew you’d ask!).

Pretty to look at and functional…I love it when that happens!  What do you think about my mirror’s new role?

To see more of Michelle’s projects, visit her blog at 4men1lady.

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Awesome! I love the mirror/card holder! I especially love the clever way you’re displaying your photographs! As a lover of snapshots I’m always looking for clever ways to show off some of my collection.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I think your mirror’s new role is GENIUS!! So cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Michelle Marsh says:

    Awesome idea and I love ALL your stuff!! Quick question…love your wallpaper. What did you use to hang the new mirror with? I’m guessing you chose not to put a hole into the new paper?? Just curious, as I have many holes in my walls that I constantly seem to patch, fill and repaint. I’d love to know if there is something better!

    Thanks so much!