How I Hang Wreaths on My Front Door

I’ve been working on a new version of my fullest, fluffiest wreath ever to bring to you guys next week.  It’s been on my door for a few days now, and it has so much personality.  I can’t wait for you to meet him.  I mean, it.

While I was tszujing it on the front door, it occurred to me that although I have told you my method for hanging a wreath with a ribbon on a door, I’ve never actually shown you.  It’s really easy, so I snapped a quick picture.

I take a long length of ribbon, maybe a yard and a half, and I loop it around the wreath and through whatever center ornament I am using.  So, for this wreath, I wrapped it over the top of the wreath, through the B and then back up behind the wreath.

Then, I pull the two ends of the ribbon together so they meet at the top.  If I’m using regular ribbon, I just attach it to the top of my door  with a small finishing nail and then cut off any extra that may hang past the top of the door.  For something like this jute ribbon that has a really open weave, I fold about an inch or two under and then nail it on the top of my door.  The nailhead is flush with the top of my door, so it doesn’t interfere with the door opening and closing.  This is how I’ve been doing it for years, and I just pop that one nail in and out of a single hole – I don’t even use a hammer these days.

Generally, those wreath hangers you buy in stores are way too short.  They make the center of your wreath hang on the top 1/3 of your door, and it’s much prettier if the top of your wreath is hung more in the top of the second 1/3 region.  Sounds confusing, I know.  Just make sure that the center of your wreath is near or slightly above the center of your door.  I spend all of the Christmas season wanting to go around to the homes in my neighborhood and move their wreaths further down the door.  Maybe that can be my version of Pay It Forward this year.  :)

How do you hang wreaths on your door?  Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. I use a ribbon like you do but, we’ve always lived in homes with metal doors so instead of using a nail like you, I take a Command Hook, turn it upside-down & stick it at the very top of the inside of the door in the center. You hook the ribbon onto loop and it hangs perfectly without obstructing the closing of the door.

  2. Ami A in LA says:

    The previous homeowner had already put a nail in our door – but it is too high to hang the wreaths directly over it. My solution is to loop fishing line (completely disappears from just a few feet) through the frame of the wreaths & up to the nail. Works well because it’s strong enough to hold up even the largest wreaths.

  3. Oh my I can’t wait for this wreath how-to! It’s GORGEOUS!

  4. Our door is metal, so I use a wreath hook and usually ribbon or twine to lower it to the middle so it looks right. If the door was wood, your method would definitely be the one I’d use.

  5. I am making my wreath today. Small problem. The letter I’ll putting in it is H.
    Now I do have an actual door hanging wreath hook.
    Any ideas??

  6. I used to hang mine with the nail on top of the door, but since we moved and we have a metal door I can no longer do that. So I just tie my wreath directly onto the door knocker.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, you are so talented and i can’t wait to make mine.

  8. Exactly what I needed! Just hung my new felt flower wreath using your method. Will update my blog with pics later today!

  9. Amanda Sprinkle says:

    I want 2 of these wreaths made for my double front doors. Anybody know where or who might be interested in making them for me?


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