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Wait.  What?

Yep!  Living With Lindsay is now Makely.  This blog has morphed into so much more than its original purpose of chronicling how hard it is for my family to live in the midst of my project chaos.  Instead, Living With Lindsay became a resource for tutorials, projects, inspiration, and a place to see what random things I’d hang from my ceiling.

I’ve been contemplating a name change for quite a while now, as I honestly never really loved Living With Lindsay.  I did a lot of thinking on it while I was on my 3000 mile road trip with the kids this summer.  It was the perfect time to do some good, inward contemplation while the kids napped and I drove along the open road.  I don’t get that sort of quiet, alone thinking time very often, and it really helped me to bring some things into focus.

Somewhere between Memphis and Little Rock, the name Makely popped into my mind.  It struck me because it was a form of something that you and I do the most – we MAKE.  We make old furniture look awesome again.  We make confident decisions about our decor.  We make our homes fun, bold places for our families to live.  Makely is just a fun way to describe what we are – We are Makely.

The name of the blog, Makely School for Girls, is meant to be tongue in cheek.  I don’t have all the answers and certainly don’t pretend to.  Crap, I probably learn more from you than you do from me.  I just thought it would be fun and memorable since it’s a blog with a lot of home decor tutorials.  It’s not just for girls – boys, y’all are welcome to be here, too!

The content and focus of Makely is not going to stray from what you found on Living With Lindsay.  In fact, all of my old content has moved over here (thanks to my genius husband, Tom).  I think we managed to lose a few of last week’s comments somehow, but I consider that a win with everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the past several months.

Later in October, you’ll see two new contributors join us here.  My husband, Tom, will be writing occasionally about basic DIY stuff.  He’s been threatening to write some posts for you all these years, so I’m finally taking him up on his threat.  I’m also beyond excited to announce that Michelle Hinckley from 4 Men 1 Lady will be contributing her fantastically bold vision in occasional posts, as well.  I consider it such an honor that she would choose to join us at Makely.

There are a few little things that have changed.  Obviously, my url is different now.  If you go to LivingWithLindsay.com you will still get here, but if you have this blog bookmarked, changing your bookmark to MakelyHome.com will get you here like a second faster since it doesn’t have to redirect from my old url.  My email and social media addresses have also changed, but again, they have all been renamed or forwarded so that I haven’t lost any of you in the transition.  Those are now:

Facebook:  http://www.Facebook.com/MakelyHome  (This page still says “Living With Lindsay” as it’s title, but I’ve submitted the paperwork for the name change to the powers that be at Facebook.)
Twitter:  http://www.Twitter.com/MakelyHome
Pinterest:  http://www.Pinterest.com/MakelyHome
Email:  Lindsay@MakelyHome.com

If you subscribe to my blog via an RSS reader or by email, you should still get those delivered as usual.  I hope that you didn’t get the same posts re-delivered after I changed the name of the feed, but if you did I’m very sorry.  That was a one time thing.  If you’d like to subscribe by email or an RSS reader of your choice, you can do that here.

A mobile site will be ready in the next few days.

There’s also a pop up that alerts you that Living With Lindsay is now Makely.  Totally annoying, I know.  It will (or should) only show up 3 times in your lifetime.  You can click the X to dismiss the box the first three times you see it or click the bottom of it where it says “Never see this message again.”  I’ll remove it completely in a month or so after I feel like the name change is no longer “news.”


Can you help me spread the word?

I’d love for you to help me spread the word that the name of this blog has changed.  You can Tweet, Facebook or Pin this post or my new name so the word spreads.  There are little social sharing buttons at the end of each post that let you do that with just a click.  You can also invite your Facebook friends to join us on the Makely Facebook page if you think they’d like the blog.  If you have your own blog, you can add Makely to your blogroll or even put my new button in your sidebar.

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Thanks for your support for the last few years.  I really appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know.

Alright, now let’s make some stuff!


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About Lindsay Ballard

Lindsay Ballard is a former college mascot turned political geek turned DIY fanatic who is conspiring to live in a Technicolor dream world. Her designs are bold and graphic, while her spirit is fun and full of color. Lindsay chronicles her projects and design ideas here at Makely, where she shares daily tutorials and inspiration. Lindsay lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband (Tom), children (Zack and Emma) and dogs (Jack and Duke).


  1. It looks great! It sure will be fun to go back to school now (I never thought I’d ever say that), especially if I can sit at the cool table.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Great job, Lindsay! So fun to follow along this journey with you, and I cannot wait to see some posts from Tom! 😉

  3. Great new site! I’m actually so glad that little pop-up did pop up because I was getting ready to click out of your website, thinking I had accidentally got the wrong one. Congrats!

    • Great, Beth! I was worried that the pop up was going to make people mad (I mean, it IS a pop up), but I was worried someone would click out just like you almost did.

  4. Great name! I had seen the name change before I read this and was curious what was going on… Fun!
    Looking forward to more great posts.

  5. Amber Bryant says:

    Well, that makes sense. I have felt schooled by you over the years. Keep those great tutorials coming, professor. 😉

  6. I love the new name! It sounds like alot of fun!!!

  7. Love it! And especially love Tom’s profile pic. LOL!! Congrats girl!!

  8. Congrats Lindsay! The site looks amazing and I’m so excited about the new concept. Nicely done.

  9. Woot, woot!

  10. I love it!

  11. Heather C says:

    Awesome! Love the name!

  12. Good for you…the name is cute!

  13. Awesome re-brand and totally fun!!! LOVE it! I need to re-brand, re-design, something…Totally bored with my blog right now…

  14. Great! I look forward to your new adventure :-)

  15. Congrats on the new look and feel of your blog! So very exciting!!

  16. Ooooh, this sounds so fun! Congrats on the new name and the new look. I can’t wait to follow along on your continuing adventure.

  17. So fun & fresh…love it! Great job!

  18. Joanne B. says:

    How brave of you to undertake this big step! I loved your blog before and I will love you no matter what you call yourself! I must tell you tho, I keep thinking of this- os I have to tell you and get it out of my system! I keep thinking…”Makely School for Wayward Homemakers” ! We ARE wayward and YOU set us straight by your fresh ideas and encouragement! Thanks for keeping it cutting edge!

    • Yeah, it’s either brave or stupid. I don’t know which yet. LOL

      So funny about Wayward Homemakers. If you saw my piles of dishes and laundry right now, you’d realize that I can decorate but I’m not good at the other “homemaking” stuff. 😀

  19. Got it. Cute name. Amanda

  20. Congrats! Looking forward to this new adventure!! How exciting!

  21. Congratulations Lindsay! I know you’ve been talking about making a change for a while, but didn’t realize you were doing it now. I also saw you used Dreamup Studios who did my sites. You must be thrilled and the name really suits your thoughts and design philosophy. xo Jenna

    PS – Can I borrow Tom? hehe

  22. I LOVE this name. And I wasn’t annoyed by the popup notice. I thought it was clever. :) Congratulations.

  23. Haha, love the name! Like the old one too but I do know how you feel with not loving the name you chose. Looking back now, how did the name change go for you? I recently did a name change and feel like I am starting completely over in terms of traffic, etc (my re-direct didn’t work like I expected).
    Anyway, congrats on your recent “best day of your life”! I love the idea of the bed in the foyer. I once used parts of a metal bunk bed as a tomato cage. Not anywhere near as daring as your use :-D.

    • Hey Christine! The name change went pretty good. I bet I only have about half of the traffic, though. I’m lucky that my husband is a techy so the re-directs worked fine, but the name recognition thing was harder than expected. Ugh! Oh, well…such is life. :)