What to do When Temporary Shades Become Permanent

When we moved into our home several years ago, we hung temporary shades on the five large windows in our bedroom.  Our intention was to use them for some privacy for the few weeks before we could hang some custom blinds or shades instead.

Well, those “few weeks” sped by fast.  And then a month passed.  And suddenly, I realized that those temporary shades had been hanging there for 9 months, and I could no longer refer to them as temporary.  Yikes!  I tore them down and hung curtains that we just opened each morning and closed each night.

This past March, I took those curtain panels down, too.  The old panels no longer fit the vision for my master bedroom, and they have been relocated to a friend’s church.  I turned to temporary shades…again.  And they are still there…again.  Do you see a pattern here?  Temporary shades are meant to be temporary, and apparently no one clued me in on that.

Our windows are very tall, which is wonderful for the natural light that pours into the room.  However, it’s awful when you have to buy blinds and shades because they have to be custom made.  As we all know, custom usually equals much more expensive.

I found a place online that had cordless Top Down/Bottom Up cellular shades for a great price.  But as with any purchase from an unknown online retailer, I was concerned that the quality or experience would leave a lot to be desired.  So, I just ordered one as a test.

Yep.  So now, instead of having 5 temporary shades in my bedroom, I have 4 temporary shades and 1 fabulously priced cordless Top down/Bottom up cellular shade.  I am getting ready to place my order for the 4 other cellular shades, because the quality is so top-notch.

I wanted to wait until I had my one test shade installed before I told you about Payless Decor, the online retailer where it came from.  They don’t know me at Payless Decor, don’t know that I have a blog, and certainly never asked me to write a post about them.  I just couldn’t help but share their site in case you are looking for new custom blinds or shades for your home.  Compared to the other retailers I received quotes from, I think I paid about 30% less than the other places (even when the other retailers were running 50% off sales!).  From the free sample swatches, to the quality of the shade, to the personal email I received as follow-up, I was very impressed with the entire process.

If your temporary shades have become permanent, I would definitely recommend you checking out Payless Decor.  I can’t speak for anything other than the cordless shades, but they also carry faux and wood blinds, roller shades, bamboo shades and drapery.  I’m looking forward to replacing those other 4 almost-permanent temporary shades.

Oh.  Are you wondering about that oddly hung chandelier in the photo above?  It has a whole back story which I’ll get to next week.  Obviously, it’s not staying where it is.  My five year old son has helpfully pointed out that it is too low and that I need to move it.  I can’t wait until he starts telling me how to dress.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted this. Those top down/bottom up, cell blinds are exactly what we’re looking for! We too have large windows that will require custom blinds, so we have been putting them off. I’m going to their website right now!

  2. I was JUST thinking about my temporary shades today. I’m ashamed to tell you how long I’ve been living with them. I will definitely check the site out, as my house is over 100 years old and has super long windows. Thank you!

  3. Your comment about waiting for your son to tell you how to dress made me laugh!! Take it from someone with two daughters, it’s cute the first ten times or so, then it might drive you to drink or craft!!

  4. Thank you! I AM looking for new shades! We just replaced the windows , and I need all new shades because the old ones no longer fit! I am checking out Payless Decor right now!!!!!

  5. I am so glad you posted about this, too. I live in a high-rise with horrid vertical office-type blinds and HATE them. I am completely clueless about what places have the best prices and quality to look into custom replacements, so this is a big help!


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