My Eclectic Home Office Reveal

I am convinced that one of the personality traits of a DIY blogger is the super power to blindly overlook clutter.

I used to think that it was just me.  I wouldn’t put away a ladder, because I needed to use it “tomorrow” to hang a curtain rod.  The paint cans would sit for weeks in a room that I had just painted, because I needed to touch up paint in a few spots.  Little by little, it built up because I was always moving on to the next project before I finished a previous one.  My other DIY blogger friends admit to me that they have the same problem, so it’s good to know that I’m not alone.  I swear, I was not like this before I jumped head first into redoing my house.

Unfortunately, that little personality trait means that we DIY bloggers all have a room in our homes that is a danger zone.  Mine was in my home office, and it was anything but an inspiring place to work.  In fact, if I could make it over the piles of homeless toys and wayward pieces of furniture without maiming myself, I could call it a good day.  This photo shows my former office on one of my “picked up” days.

Eclectic Home Office | Makely School for Girls

Negatory, y’all.  It was painful, and it just couldn’t go on.

So, in an effort to save myself from myself, this cluttered office became the next victim as I rid my house of blah blah builder’s beige and give it some style.  It’s now a far cry from it’s sad beginnings.

Eclectic Home Office | Makely School for Girls

This transformation was my favorite yet for several reasons.  First, since it is my personal space, I didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else in my family other than myself.  And second, I did the entire thing myself – Tom only lifted a finger to help me carry the desk and dresser up our staircase and into the room.

My new eclectic home office space was entirely inspired by the little loveseat I found last summer. The washed out floral print on velvet makes it look like it has seen decades of use, but it’s actually brand new.  It’s smaller than a traditional loveseat, which makes it the perfect size to add a seating area to a small, square room.

Eclectic Home Office | Makely School for Girls

Where I used to avoid working in my cluttered office since I could just carry my laptop elsewhere in the house, I now ONLY want to work in here.  The mood it creates is nothing short of inspiring.  I used the rich wood tones and bold colors that I love, and I added in pops of color in unexpected places.

The rest of the room started falling into place after I finished installing the wood wall.  The desk is a vintage find from Craigslist that I refinished and the dresser is a new piece that I know will move from room to room in my house for many years to come.

Eclectic Home Office | Makely School for Girls

All along, I had planned to build a new chandelier for the room.  But, once everything else was in place, I realized that what was hanging there originally was absolutely perfect.  I think I’ll build the new chandelier for another room, though.  The concept is awesome in my head.

As with any eclectic room, the accessories add the final layer that gives the fun style some oomph.  I layered vintage and new.  I mixed brushed silvers with antique golds.  I didn’t shy away from adding bold colors in non-traditional ways, such as with the green overdyed rug.

Eclectic Home Office | Makely School for Girls

I splurged on an original Tolix A chair instead of going for a knockoff version.  There was something in me that really wanted that chair, and I’m so glad that I l listened to my heart.  The chair is actually comfortable and so stylish – and just perfect in the room.

Next week, I’ll put together a resource list on the room (Update: Here’s my list of resources!).  Until then, here’s a list of the projects I’ve already written about:

What do you think?  Could you get a lot of work done in a room like this?  

Let’s hope I can keep this room uncluttered.


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About Lindsay Ballard

Lindsay Ballard is a former college mascot turned political geek turned DIY fanatic who is conspiring to live in a Technicolor dream world. Her designs are bold and graphic, while her spirit is fun and full of color. Lindsay chronicles her projects and design ideas here at Makely, where she shares daily tutorials and inspiration. Lindsay lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband (Tom), children (Zack and Emma) and dogs (Jack and Duke).


  1. I absolutely love the wooden wall!

  2. Fabulous! And inspiring. I bought paint yesterday to finish my shutter shelf and dry erase paint for the closet doors. Can’t wait to finish my office too!

  3. This room is so awesome, love it as much as your master bedroom transformation….now instead of coming to your site every couple of days, you are forcing me to come for daily inspiration….love that you are color courageous….so am I :)

  4. Amazing wall, area rug and furniture–absolutely love it all. (And I’m posting this from my work in progress, cluttered mess of an office/homeschool classroom.) You have inspired me!


  5. Those are not traits of a DIY blogger, those are traits of a DIYer in general. I laughed at the sight of the ladder & paint cans sitting in the very room I’m sitting in.

  6. this looks wonderful. i’ve followed you on facebook for a while, but this is the first i’ve clicked over to your blog. :) it’s great!

  7. WOW! What an amazing transformation! I t looks lovely and I would definitely see myself working there!

  8. That looks fabulous! I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of the wood wall at first, but now seeing it all together with the furniture & decor – this is just amazing! Another good job!

  9. Oh my goodness.. I’m in love with that wood wall. It’s so striking and warm at the same time!! You did an amazing job…truly amazing!

  10. Kelsey Hill says:

    Ahhhmazing. I love how it all turned out!

  11. Oh my word I am loving this herringbone wall! How fun!

  12. Really nice! I’m glad you have a space all your own, it feels good right? Great colors, I think it is sophisticated and fun at the same time :-)

  13. Linda Weeks says:

    my sentiments exactly! It’s so nice to know what you want and go about creating it! I’m not sure where or how to begin in my eclectic home office! Good work, again!

  14. I love how different we all are … my first thought was love the colors, the organization but I don’t dig that wooden wall – at least not in chevrons and that dark and the first comment is how much she loves it! 😀

  15. I would get nothing done because I’d be staring in amazement at the fabulousness of it all!

    Love that you got an original Tolix and that loveseat is perfect! Of course the wall and the paint by number gallery wall are amazing too!

    Furiously pinning!

  16. Great job on this room, I love it! My favorite thing is the paint by numbers framed on the wall, I have been lusting after paint by numbers for a year now at least. Have fun creating in this amazing room!

  17. Congrats on your “just for you” space. How wonderful to have a place to create that inspires you. The wee love seat is super darling. I can see how it directed the design :)

  18. This office is spectacular! I love the wood wall with the blue walls and the loveseat. Where did you get it?

  19. STINKIN’ BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Love the bold herringbone wall. I love mixing things that don’t necessarily “go” together and the eclectic feel of it all. GREAT JOB!!!

  20. Oh my gosh…it’s amazing!!!!!! I love everything about it and I’m sure we will be seeing your lovely makeover featured in magazines! You rock!


  21. The room looks amazing. I loove the wall and how you have arranged everything! The color is also realy interesting and the pictures of the dogs too. Great job, you really have imagination for decorating!

  22. wow! that is a wonderful transformation. i mean that wall! holy smokes, i love it, a lot. the sofa, the styling. . . sigh.

  23. WOW! I am blown away. That accent wall is BEYOND. You have truly inspired me!

  24. Lindsay,
    I just LOVE this space! The wall is amazing, and I love how you accessorized.
    Such an awesome office!

  25. While my boyfriend’s out of town all next week, I want to surprise him with a bit of design in his office (which looks worse that your before pictures here!). I think that wall color would be PERFECT with a flat grey. What color blue did you use?

  26. wow! that’s all :)

  27. Beautiful room! Where is the mirror from?

  28. Oh My Wow!! I love how your office turned out! I love everything about it especially the accent wall! Great job!!

  29. Hello,
    This is a nice transformation from the builder beige.The colors of both the earth and sky are good for daydreaming.
    I think you should push it a bit more by painting the ceiling. Try a few shades lighter than the walls. Look on the paint chip for inspiration. What are you going to see when you are on the couch thinking or daydreaming? A white ceiling.
    it will take a day of prepping and painting, but it will be worth it.

  30. Anat Itkin says:

    wow!!! that’s DRAMATIC!!! breathtaking, just SHOCKING! marvelous! thank you!!!!

  31. AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT. The colors are great, and that feature wall….holy crap! GREAT JOB! Do mine next 😉

  32. Wow! It’s like looking at the old set of the Brady Bunch!


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