Feature Wall Friday: Bamboo Flooring Plank Wall

Today’s edition of Feature Wall Friday highlights an amazing wall treatment made from bamboo flooring.  Really!  The wonderful Jackie at Teal & Lime got a little crazy and put flooring on her walls – and it looks so cool.  She’s a gal after my own heart.

Bamboo Flooring Feature Wall

Jackie shares the tutorial for installing her plank wall here.  The flooring was $1.99/sq foot, so it makes a big impact without costing a lot of money.

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Feature Wall Friday: MDF Scrap Feature Wall

Welcome to today’s edition of Feature Wall Friday!  Today we are going to try to clean out your garage and turn it into a statement.

One of the first DIY feature walls I ever came across that truly blew me away was one by Jason Hammond on his blog From the Ground Up. In an effort to mimmic popular modern composite wall panels, Jason and his wife decided to use left over MDF scraps from other projects to create a feature wall in a small bathroom.  After they applied some paint that they had on hand, the result was spectacular.

MDF Scrap Feature Wall

I’ve priced similar modular walls after seeing a really great one in Las Vegas, and the prices are quite high.  It was so much that I just kind of laughed and moved on.

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Feature Wall Friday: Mirrored Window Walls {and a Discount Code to Payless Decor}

Welcome to today’s installment of Feature Wall Friday!  Each week, I highlight a great idea for one of my favorite parts of any room – a fabulous feature wall.

Today we are looking at an image that I’ve seen several times on BHG.com.  I love this little breakfast nook built around this bank of windows.  I always love a good window wall.

Feature Wall Friday: Mirrored Wall of Windows

But upon closer inspection, there’s not a bank of windows at all.  In fact, this nook area only has two windows.  The designer hung a long mirror on the adjoining wall at the same height as the windows, so you have the illusion of having four windows instead of just two – genius!  The light reflected in the mirror brightens that wall and brings extra light into the room.

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Feature Wall Friday: A Plate Wall with Movement

Welcome to another edition of Feature Wall Friday! Today we are talking about an incredible plate wall. This is a fabulous example that proves that a feature wall doesn’t have to involve massive amounts of paint or wood or stencils.

Feature wall of plates hanging in a way that gives the room some movement

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Feature Wall Friday: Chalkboard Calendar Feature Wall

Today’s Feature Wall Friday presents something every busy family needs – a calendar feature wall.

Chalkboard Calendar Feature Wall

Not only is this feature wall (found at House to Home) fun to look at, but it’s extremely helpful, too.  As my kids are getting older, I’ve realized how nice it would be to have our entire month laid out in front of us on a large scale.  No more excuses for forgetting events or acting like you were never told (I’m looking at you, Tom).

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Feature Wall Friday: Barn Door Inspired Wall

Happy Friday!  Today’s installment of Feature Wall Friday highlights a barn door inspired wall made from wainscoting.

Traci of The Monson Family put together a fun barn door wall out of MDF and lumber from the home improvement store.  This is a great take on the barn door trend.

Feature Wall Friday: Barn Door Inspired Wall

Traci shared her instructions for creating the wall over at Remodelaholic.  There she details everything you need to know, from dealing with outlet placement to making sure your new wall treatment meets perfectly with existing baseboard.

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