Ten Girls’ Bedding Options that aren’t PINK!

Now filed away in the “Things I Can’t Believe” category, we celebrated Emma’s third birthday last week. Three, y’all. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she looked like this? The time definitely passes more quickly with the second child.

She is still sleeping in her crib, but I know it’s time to move her into a “big girl” bed. For several years now, I’ve dreamed of painting a vintage bed in a bright shade of green and doing something fun in her room. I’m ready to move past the calm and serene nursery and onto something that better reflects her personality – which is neither calm nor serene.

There are tons of beautiful girls bedding options for girls. As I was looking through them, the thing that struck me the most was that they are all mostly pink. Or light blue, light green or lavender. But really, mostly pink. And ruffled. I have absolutely nothing against pink bedding or pink walls (or ruffles), but I don’t think pink would look great with our dreamy bright green vintage bed.

In case any of you are on the lookout for non-pink bedding that is still appropriate for a little girl, I put together my top 10 picks of girls bedding options that aren’t pink. Some of them have a little pink in the pattern, but they don’t scream Shelby’s wedding in Steel Magnolias.

Ten Girls' Bedding Options that Aren't PINK!  via MakelyHome.com

1. Happy Elephant Duvet Cover – Urban Outfitters. I love UO for fun, funky accessories, and their bedding selection doesn’t disappoint. I probably could have selected 10 choices from their store alone. This duvet cover has a whimsical feel without feeling over the top. If you are scared of white bedding, remember that bleach and bleach pins are your friends! $110 Full/Queen

2. Not a Peep – Land of Nod. LON is definitely one of those ruffly pink “offenders”, but there were a few non-pink choices in their bedding collection. I love that this quilt is functional, but it has a modern feel with the yellow and charcoal color palette. And the sheets are just too cute! There are lots of fun pieces in this collection to mix and match. $99 Twin

3. Geo Duvet Cover – Kohl’s. I shop a lot at Kohl’s, because I feel like I can get great deals with their sale prices + coupons. This reversible duvet cover has a great color combination and nice modern pattern. I think you could definitely mix other colors in with the sheets and throw pillows to have a pulled-together-but-not-trying-too-hard look. $43.99 (on sale) Twin

4. Rose Duvet Cover – Target. I think Target has come a long way in their bedding options. This set is meant for college students (it comes in the dorm-necessary “twin extra-long”), but it’s pattern is perfect for a little girl. There is pink in the pattern, but it’s really balanced by the navy, grey and bright green. Move fast on this one, though. It’s on sale, and we know how long things last on sale at Target! $28.69 (on sale) Queen

5. Ängskrasse Duvet Cover – Ikea. As always, Ikea has a good selection of brightly colored bedding sets. The color palette of this one in particular reminds me of a really funky candy shop. On the other hand, the pattern is ahead of the trends. Me likely. $29.99 Twin

6. Romantic Floral Scarf – Urban Outfitters. This one is just so darn pretty that I kind of want it for myself. Reviewers indicate that the background is more tan than is pictured. I love the way the florals spill over the sides, and I think the mix of colors are spot on. $99 Full/Queen

7. Felicity Duvet – Anthropologie. Okay, this one would be a big splurge for a child’s room. A BIG splurge. I just think it’s so feminine but also bold enough for a little girl with a big personality. I love the combination of the floral pattern with the more modern triangle/herringbone/chevron type print. I also dig the shade of blue, and I think it would hide a lot. $228 (eek!) Queen

8. Ängsspira Duvet Cover – Ikea. Here’s another great set from Ikea. On first glance, this is just a graphic design. But on closer inspection, those graphics are giant moose antlers. The colors – red, yellow, black and white – are unexpected in a child’s room, but the cover is quirky enough that it would really be amazing with the right styling. I’d even put a black and white graphic patterned rug under the bed. $39.99 Twin

9. Birds – Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler – jcp. The moment I saw the Jonathan Adler for jcp line, I about lost it. It’s bright, fun and modern – all the things you’d expect from Jonathan Adler. Luckily, it also has amazing price points as compared to his name brand. This grey, white and yellow set is perfect for a cheery and stylish little girl. The set even comes with a comforter, shams, sheets and pillowcases. $99 Twin

10. Patch It To Me Quilt – PB Teen. No discussion of girls’ bedding is complete without throwing some Pottery Barn into the mix. I personally find the PB Kids’ line of bedding a little too sweet, but the teen stuff is great. This quilt immediately popped out to me as one of my favorites. It has a great mix of colors and the combination of floral and modern prints make the quilt very interesting. The black accents set it apart. $159 Twin

There we have it – my 10 picks for cute girls’ bedding that isn’t pink! What do you think? Have you seen any options that I haven’t considered?

And most importantly, which one do you think I will choose for Emma’s room? 😉

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  1. couldn’t come at a better time….I’ve seen nothing that I like…it’s all just too girly for me.

  2. Those are some great choices. You should check out my daughter’s bedding that we just picked up. It would look great with a green vintage headboard.

  3. You couldn’t go wrong with any of those! Love the Ikea ones. Bright, fresh, and stripey. It hits all my buttons.

  4. I love this post! You can still be girly without being all pink!

  5. karen rotman says:

    Oh there’s no question, it has to be the elephant!

  6. If you don’t like pink, you should wander over to YouTube and look up goldieblox. I saw this in CLASS one day believe it or not (I’m an old lady sophomore in college — taking an honors course to boot and saw this!) and we made the prof play it over and over and over, we loved it so much. And the majority of the class is young guys! I can see them making these in the future!

    This was terrific, thanks!


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