Transforming Your Kitchen Cabinets {and More!}

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One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to refresh your kitchen is to give the cabinets a little face lift.  Sometimes, a little change such as adding/changing the hardware on the doors and drawers is enough.  However, he majority of the time, a fresh coat of paint or a new stain on the cabinets makes the biggest impact.

If you are like me, you’ve seen fabulous kitchens all over Blogland transformed by washing, stripping, sanding, priming, painting, and using a lot of elbow grease.  While the outcome is usually gorgeous, I get nervous thinking about doing all of those steps exactly right so as not to really mess up the largest focal point of one of the most used rooms in the home.  Yep, I’m scared.

In early February, Rust-Oleum hosted me in New Orleans for a little hands-on time with a new product designed to take the worry out of updating your kitchen cabinets – Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.  They promised no sanding, no stripping, and no priming with the new product, and I wanted to call their bluff.

Okay, not really.  The Rust-Oleum family of brands includes some of my favorite products, including my beloved Zinsser line of primers, so I figure they know what they are talking about.

The Cabinet Transformations product is a kit sold in home improvement stores (it’s definitely at Lowe’s and Home Depot).  It’s a water-based, multi-purpose product for use on wood, laminate, melamine and metal.  You take the kit up to the paint counter and ask them to tint it in one of 35 different colors – which becomes 70 when you add the optional decorative glaze.

Then, you take it home and get to work.  The process is four steps and it’s really no more difficult than painting and wiping.

The product experts at Rust-Oleum demonstrated how to use the product and then put us to work ourselves.  It was honestly no more difficult than the above instructions.  The Cabinet Transformations kit comes with an instructional DVD or you can watch it here.

Hey, that’s me!

I have absolutely zero complaints about this product, and I honestly do recommend it.  I even tried to scratch some of the dried sample cabinets with my fingernail to see if the paint would come off, but it didn’t leave any sort of mark.  Shhh…don’t tell the Rust-Oleum people that I tried to destroy their cabinets.  But, in case you don’t want to just take my word for it (Gah! The nerve!), check out these testimonials – including my favorite transformation by Savannah:



Doesn’t that look great?  You can’t really tell in these photos, but the decorative glaze makes a big difference when used over the bond coat.  When transforming your cabinets using the lighter colors, I recommend using a light hand with the glaze and really just work it into the corners instead of spreading it all over.  Perhaps it’s just the aesthetic that I am drawn to, but I thought it looked best that way.

The Cabinet Transformations kit comes in 2 sizes – Small (covers 100 sq ft, like a condo) and Large (covers 200 sq ft, like an average kitchen) – and has the suggested retail price of $79.99 and $149.99 respectively.  Upon first glance, the price seems a little spendy, but once I calculated the cost of sandpaper + primer + paint + protective coating + a lot more time, I decided that it was well worth the price.

Also, since this product can be used on so many different surfaces, there are many other items you can transform with the kit, such as LAMINATE FURNITURE! See?  An (easier) way to paint laminate furniture than my original tutorial.  Woo hoo!  I know all of you who have been emailing me about your laminate bookcases and dressers are doing a happy dance right about now.

Does this sound like a product that you would use?  I’d love to get your opinion and answer any questions you may have in the comments – and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll get in touch with the fine folks at Rust-Oleum and find the answer for you.

P.S. We also got a hands-on experience with the sister product, Countertop Transformations.  I’ll review that one for you in an upcoming post.

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  1. ok…so my cabinets in my kitchen are an awful light wood. Your saying this wood work on that??!! also my bathroom cabinets are painted(like that when we moved in). it would work on those too?? Say it aint so!! This could be so exciting

    • Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying! As long as the paint on your bathroom cabinets isn’t in bad shape (i.e., peeling or cracking), you don’t have to sand or anything. It’s amazing.

  2. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. Right now I live in an apparently and I am not doing anything to the cabinets but when we go to buy a house in the hopefully near future I will defiantly have a fugly kitchen that will need a painting. I might try this instead. (I have painted wooden cabinets before and it is A LOT of work). I wonder if its available in Canada yet or ill I will have to cross boarders to get it. Is there anything about having to clean the cabinets before hand with TSP or the like? or does the deglosser also degrease?
    thanks so much for the post and the info!

    • Hey Erin! The deglosser will probably be okay unless the previous homeowner did a whole lot of frying in the kitchen. If it seems like the cabinets have grease on them, I’d probably use a degreaser just in case (and I’d probably use something like Simple Green instead of TSP just for the odor factor!).

      I’m not sure if its available in Canada, but I will find out for you!

  3. I can hardly believe my eyes! My husband brought home a brochure from the home improvement store and I was so skeptical but your before & after has my head spinning!

    I’m definitely going to do my kitchen and I’m also thinking that this would be PERFECT for staircase! Can you picture the re-do of banister and hand rails? It would be so much easier than sanding and refinishing!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    • I didn’t even consider the banister and hand rails, but I agree it would be a great product for that application. I like the way you think!

    • I know this an old post but wondering if iu did your banister and staircase? I’d love to know how it turned out!


  4. I recently saw this product while browsing around Home Depot. I despise my kitchen cabinets and have been looking for an affordable way to re-do them! Thank you your post on the product…I am so happy to hear great things about it!
    I do have some questions though…is there sanding required before applying the product? And how fast does it dry? I have a toddler and would need to get this done in a good time frame!

    • Hey Erin! Nope, no sanding (unless the paint/finish on your cabinets is in bad condition – peeling, flaking, etc)! It rocks. As far as drying time, I think it needs to dry a few hours between each coat and then 24 hours for full use.

      • Thanks again for the info! I can’t wait to tackle this project this summer when the weather is better!

  5. they look GREAT! what a difference! :)

  6. We’re thinking about a remodel and this would be great for our kitchen cabinets. We’ll be for sure looking into this! Thank you!

  7. Um, yes! We’ve been putting off painting the kitchen cabinets for 2 years now cause I just don’t want to do it. But they need it and we are moving soon, so they REALLY need it! :) Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Amazing Results!! The Before and After pics are great! Look like new cabinets, Says a lot for the product.
    Sure Fit Slipcovers

  9. Our home’s previous homeowners had an ‘interesting’ color perspective… to say the least. The stained the base of our cabinets a redwood color and painted the doors black. I’ve been dying to refinish them but haven’t wanted to go through all the effort of the HUGE overtaking that would be sand, prime, paint, etc…

    Would this product work well in lightening the black cabinets? I would prefer a much more natural look.

    • Hi Melanie- Yes, I do believe it would work for the dark cabinets. You would probably want to use two coats of the bond coat, just to be sure the black was fully covered.

      I can’t even visualize black doors on redwood cabinets! LOL

  10. Thanks for sharing. Finally something to make that job EASIER! Would love to try it sometime for our cabinets.

  11. I’m really excited about their countertop transformations along with these cabinet tranformations.

  12. Why didn’t I see this yesterday before I ruined a perfectly good laminate bookcase by painting it incorrectly….

  13. I am so intrigued by this product! We upgraded our kitchen cabinets to dark cherry when we moved in, but now I’m wanting white. This might be a good way to do it!

    • Cara – I also want to lighten my dark cherry cabinets to the creamy, worn look – am interested in how yours came out :-)

  14. Hi, I just started following your posts! This product sounds amazing. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into painting my cabinets, too. A while ago, I did my parents’ kitchen and thinking back on all that tedious work made me not want to do my own place. But with this stuff…I just may reconsider.

    Thanks for the info!

  15. Tiffany says:

    That is an amazing transformation!

  16. Thanks for sharing this information! I have been wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets but my husband is not too keen on the idea. Perhaps this product would sway him to my idea. My cabinets are a blonde oak with lots of wood grain. Would the wood grain show through the paint?

  17. Oh man, I cannot wait to try this out! I have a huge armoire that needs a new look. And, we just moved into a new house and I’m starting to think we need to change things in the kitchen. Thank you so much!

  18. I am super excited about this product, since it says it can be used on laminate. My question is, has anyone seen it on laminate? All the pictures/testimonials I’ve been able to find are wood cabinets. My cabs are the awful 80’s white laminate with oak trim. Blech!

    • I haven’t actually seen it on laminate personally. But, I will say that Rust-Oleum makes my beloved Zinsser primer, which is what I use on laminate, so they are the experts!

  19. Brianna says:

    ok so this is amazing, I have been staring at my kitchen cabinets for two years trying to get the guts to paint them cream, but this is even better!!! We wanted a darker finish instead of the oak it came with and this sounds waaay easier that painting them!!! How does this work though on the sides of the cabinet that can’t be removed? Will it be drippy and get everywhere?

    • Hey Brianna! This product has excellent “vertical adhesion” – doesn’t that sound scientific-y? In other words, it won’t drip down your cabinets and all that yucky business.

  20. OK, so I know I’m bucking the trend but my kitchen has been white for the last 10 years so I wanted to use this stuff in the Espresso or Kona finish to make it dark & redo my blah laminate counters too. Thanks for posting this because I’ve been really hesitant if this stuff would cover the white cabinets & that is exactly what your example shows it can do! I think I’m going for it – I’m sure dark kitchens will be “in” again soon LOL!

  21. Hey Lindsay!
    I saw this product at home depot the other day and wondered if it worked. We are getting new cabinets installed maybe next week, I think my husband said they would be maple, and they will be unfinished so we would have to stain them. Is this something we can use instead of staining? or would it be easier/cheaper just to get a stain?
    I heard staining is pretty hard to get right so we were thinking of hiring someone but if it’s more affordable and easier with this I would much rather save the money for stainless appliances 😉

    • Hi Cindy! I think if you are starting with unfinished cabinets, you will want to prime first or just stain. I actually asked one of the Rust-Oleum guys that exact question in New Orleans. I’m afraid that the unfinished wood would just suck up the base coat. That’s so exciting that you are getting all new cabinets installed!

  22. After reading this my husband and I decided to use this product on our kitchen. We are going to start out by doing our island black to see if we really like it and if so we will do the rest of the cabinets in white. I am so excited! I have done 2 bathroom cabinets with paint and primer and it took forever and isn’t wearing real well. If this works like I am hoping I plan to redo both the bathroom cabinets and some furniture as well with it! Thanks so much for sharing this. Chris

  23. I wish I knew about this product a couple of months ago when I painted our kitchen cabinets. I am going to use this when I redo my mom’s cabinets. I can’t wait to try it.


  24. Did you happen to see a demo with this stuff on metal? I have a 70’s green desk that I love for storage – but I am so over the color.

  25. Hey Chris! I didn’t personally see it on metal. However, one of the gals who was there specializes in mid-century metal kitchen cabinets and asked a lot about it. They told her to scuff up the metal first so the bond coat would adhere well. Also, know that it will give you a satin finish and not a high-gloss finish.

    Pam’s comments on painting the metal with Transformations can be found within her post on the product here:

  26. Wish I could use this! We just got done re-finishing our cabinet doors. They don’t look great just better than they did. They were a dark green with creme crackle. Ugh just white and shiny now. Saving this tip for the next house!

  27. Lindsay,

    What a transformation! I’m impressed.


  28. Saw this product advertised on diy network. Our kitchen cabinets are SOOO ugly. Wondering if I could use it on them. I’m not even sure they are real wood, and they have a really bad fake wood grain glued to the fronts of the doors and drawers. Not what I usually think of when someone says laminate. Is it? So excited to think I might actually be able to use this product.

  29. I saw this product today and almost bought it but the fact that I don’t have real wood cabinets kept me from getting it. I have plywood with a sort of laminate over it and they are a very deep dark brown. Although this color/trend is starting to come back, I bought new wood flooring in a chestnut color and thought that I should lighten the cabinet color first. Does anyone have pictures of this product being used on “laminate” like cabinetry? Thanks!

  30. I too am interested to see if anyone has used this on laminate faced cabinets. My cabinets have the same laminate glued to them as the countertop. Replacing them… or even refacing them would cost me thousands of dollars. I have purchased the kit but can not decide which color to go with. I currently have white cabinets but am thinking of chocolate or espresso to compliment the new Wilsonart Jeweled Coral countertop. Has anyone used either of these colors? Pictures would be wonderful… and would love if someone would share with me. Thanks :)

    • Lisa,
      Did you find a good color to go with the Jeweled Coral countertop? I just bought them and want to make sure I get a good pairing.

  31. Hi Lindsay, I wondered if you knew what finish was chosen for the cabinets shown above?

  32. Are there “paint chips” available so you can look at the colors in your kitchen before deciding on a color? The local Lowes only carries a few colors so we would need to decide based on very small pictures in the brochure.

    Thank you for your wonderful website!

    • Hi Susan! As of the last time I checked, there are not paint chips available. That was actually one of the suggestions we made to Rustoleum when we went to the Transformations event. Hopefully, that is something they are working on.

  33. Hey. My husband and I have looked at this product many times in the home improvement store and even did some research online, but was not quite convinced to try it until I came across your site. I am still a little hesitant b/c our kitchen cabinets have been polyurethaned to DEATH by the previous owners. I swear they used 5 coats or more and didn’t bother to remove any of the tacky hardware. Just polyurathaned right over top of it all. I can’t even change out the hardware unless I buy the exact same design because when I remove the hardware, I have uncolored wood underneath. So, first, can I even use this product over top of polyurethane without sanding it? Second, will it matter that there are bare spots where the hardware was? Do you think this will cause the cabinets to be different colors in these spots? Your insight would be greatly appreciated. I have delt with these horrible cabinets for 12 years because the thought of all the work & costs to change them just overwhelms me! This product seems soo much more simpler and cost effective.

    • Hi Becky-

      It sounds like you have quite the cabinets on your hands!

      I think you could probably use this product right over the poly, but I’d probably try to give it a light sand just to be safe. I think the color would be consistent because the basecoat is nice and thick.

      There’s always the option to replace the cabinet doors if the boxes are okay. Have y’all considered that option? It definitely wouldn’t be as cheap as the Rustoleum Transformations product, but it’s another option.

      • That is an option that I have not thought of, but definitely will consider. I am so glad that I googled “how to paint laminate” and came across your site. You have truly inspired me to paint a couple dressers and redecorate my boys rooms. Reading your posts have taken most of the “scariness” out of it and makes me feel like I can actually accomplish it. =) Thanks for responding! God Bless!

  34. Hello,

    I just completed the bonding coats in the Kona color (covering white in my bathroom) Questions, is there a difference if applying the glaze to the Kona color? My cabinets are laminate and melamine. How will the glaze affect the Kona color on this surface? Didn’t want to go through the process of glazing if would not make a difference. I can see the difference in the lighter colors on the samples, but not on the dark color. Any imput would be great! THANKS!

  35. Alicia Carroll says:

    This product sounds amazing! One question: I have a mid-century china cabinet that is covered in veneer with an oil-based finish. Could I use this product over an oil-based finish?
    Many thanks for your fantastic web site!

  36. I have white vainer cabinets in my bathroom that are peeling off (actually it looks like a white plastic coating) on all the edges. Would this be a good idea to use on the ply wood underneath? Also, is it easy to remove the vainer?

    • Bob Shacklett says:

      My wife and I redid the white cabinets in our bathroom. We pulled off the plastic coating very easily and then used the Rustoleum kit to stain it with a Kona finish. It looks great!

  37. Christine Miller says:


    I have researched this product and would love to paint my kitchen cabinets, they are painted white. Can you paint Transformations over an oil based paint? Does it need any other prep work? Thanks

  38. Hi,

    I have an old solid maple kitchen table that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. The finish on top is totally gone and the matching chairs have really lost their luster. Can the cabinet transformation be used on furniture like this? Right now I can’t afford to have them professionally refinished but would like to give them a new updated look. Thanks.

  39. Hello,
    I am in the early phases of “thinking” about redoing my cabinets. Trouble here is the laminate has worn in places and the pressed board underneath is exposed in places. How do you prep these areas? Is there any sort of bond to cover over the are with? I have quite large cabinets that I would love to update replacing is not an option

  40. I’d love to see the countertop version! I think I’ve decided I’m definitely using the cabinet product on my dark, 70’s beadboard kitchen.

  41. Hi , could you let me know if this product is available in South AFrica? and who I can contact in SA if it is available. If not could I buy it from yourselves and would it be able to get delivered to me. Obviously cost of transport would be added.

    thanking you

  42. I’ve been googling the best way to paint my old laminate/cheap armoire. Thank you for this post!

  43. Great post, anyone here ever use this on actual indoor stairs? I’m thinking this could be perfect but not sure how it would hold up to the foot traffic. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

  44. Laminate? Has anyone yet used this on laminate? Would love to hear the good, bad and ugly. Speaking of ugly, have you seen my cabinets??? : )

  45. I DESPERATELY need a cabinet makeover. However, my cabinets are already dark… and I want to go lighter… like a cream. Is that possible with this product?

    • Hi Hannah- Yes, you can go from dark to light. I even saw it demonstrated at Lowe’s just the other day. Their cabinets started cherry and they painted them one of the lighter cream colors. Good luck!

  46. I have this product in my kitchen. The difference in the look is night and day. My cabinets were cheap apartment pressed board circa. 1980’s. Yuck. The new color is off white with antique stain over the top… on the pic in the article, top row middle. The antique step is labor intensive and you can see mistakes. WORK QUICKLY! Two sets of hands are REQUIRED! Patience! It will take time for all the steps to dry. It is more than a weekend project in a small kitchen. Use new brushes or clean all your brushes well. The end result is very worth the work!! New hardware and the whole kitchen looks like brand new custom cabinets. They are beautiful, don’t scratch easy and easy to clean. LOVE! Also like that there was extra product… can do more than just cabinets or do a practice piece. I used it on the bathroom vanity. Have an ugly piece of furniture? (my bathroom vanity ) Use this product!

  47. love it me and my wife did our kitchen and love it. Espresso is a great color and the glaze does wonder’s even on the dark color. I did have a few dings in my doors after glazing so I touched up the spot’s with bond coat and now i can’t get the glaze to stick…any suggestions from anyone. If not i contacted rustoleum by e-mail……great product night and day difference.

  48. Hey Lindsay, my kitchen cabinet doors are real wood, and the rest is laminat. STINKS! Well they are like a light wood color I was wondering if I wanted to go like a cherry red type of color would it matter if just the doors are real wood and the rest is laminat. Would it look obvious one is lamenat and the doors are would?Would you reccomend me buying the doors in lamenat to be on the safe side?

    • Hi Maria- I honestly think they would be absolutely fine. However, why don’t you give Rustoleum a call? They could definitely give you the right answer. The number is 1-888-577-8459. Good luck!

  49. My cabinets are circa 1989 and dark blue laminate. Biggest problem is that pieces of the laminate have come off the particleboard structure. I recognize that I need to re-glue the laminate but can no longer match the colour. My plan was to take any laminate colour I can find, re-model my cupboards and repaint them. This product sounds like it might work for me but wanted to be sure. My cupboards are not wood cupboards, they are blue laminate that is pretty smooth but with a slightly porous texture so it doesnt show fingerprints and smudges. So wondering if this is the right product for my cupboards. Thanks

  50. Thanks for posting this! So excited! This is just what I’ve been looking for to refinish my cabinets. Do you know what color was used on the cabinets in your before and after picture? Thanks : )

  51. I was wondering if this could be used and still give the rustic distressed look to a piece of furniture?

  52. I already have painted cabinets… They are the wood like stuff where you buy the cabinets already built. Not really sure what the material is, but would this work on mine? Thanks!!!!

  53. How do you know what colour, I was hoping for something like a dark cherry wood. the expresso may be to dark. Has anyone tried coco, or almond. Colour carernet looks like a chery wood in the flier, but looks red on the internet. Thanks for helping….

    • Carol, I’d go with what you see printed in the flier. There are so many problems with computer monitors not being adjusted for proper color. That’s why I never choose a paint color or anything like that just by what I see online.


  55. Stephanie says:

    Just did my bathroom cabinets and they look great! The products were easy to use and I have tons left over for my laundry room and another bathroom. I would highly recommend this product!

  56. Michelle says:

    Used it on a laminate bathroom great..looks like real wood now..super easy.Also did a few wood pieces amazing!! Wood grain shows through Will be doing my 30 year old kitchen cabinets next..This product is the best thing since sliced bread..Don,t think it will make the cabinet makers too happy though LOL…Follow instructions and have patience…Will use over and over………….

  57. Dave Hart says:

    Have you by any change worked with the counter top kit yet? My wife and I were wondering about it. We have a green counter she is not to fond of.

  58. we were just in Home Depot looking at this product and the sales person said that the wood grain wouldn’t show through. I didn’t want to give up or destroy my actual wood cabinets with something that would eventually look worse once the paint started to go. My question is, is this more of a paint or a stain? And does it work with the natural wood grain?


    • There are two products now. One is called Cabinet Transformations Cabinet Coating, and it is like a paint and the wood grain will not show through as much. The new one, called Cabinet Transformations Wood Refinishing, is more like a stain and the wood grain will show through. I hope that helps!

  59. Jennifer says:

    I was curious, do you think you could use this on base boards? We have these ugly white baseboards all through our house and I was hoping to stain them a better color, but didn’t want to go through all of the trouble! Thanks for sharing! :)

  60. Hello, what a pleasure to stumble upon your fabulous site, thank you for doing it yourself and then sharing it with others, I for one am grateful. I want to paint over my charcoal laminated kitchen and give it a more french country look and I want to paint my mahogany furniture in antique light colours and transform my whole house to look like a french provincial country style home. Boy am I going to need your help!!! I am based in Perth Western Australia so I’m not sure if I can get the products you use but I am sure there is something similar here. I feel really inspired so I will be visiting your site regularly as I can afford it of course!! Thank you again and I love your work! cheers Melissa :)

  61. kathleen says:

    I was wondering if you could use this product to redo an older light oak kitchen table and chairs? The light oak color is outdated now and it seems like so much work to try and sand the spindle legs etc. Would the paint tend to easily come off with everyday cleaning & kids?

  62. Lindsay,

    How did you get into my kitchen??? I have those same cabinets! I’m amazed I didn’t run into you at some point. I hate my cabinets. You just gave me hope.

    Your work is beautiful. Be very proud of yourself. It’s an amazing house!

    Thanks for your ideas.


  63. Hello!
    I stumbled upon you on Pinterest; how lucky I am!! I think this may be exactly what I need to do with my light 1960’s style cabinets in my kitchen!!!! I look forward to taking on this challenge, thanks to you!!!

  64. Marion Pollak says:

    My husband and I just bought our new OLD house (1968) last week. The first thing I said was we were re-purposing the cabinets. They are going to be painted and we can buy new hardware. It will save us a lot of money. A few days later I spotted this product in Walmart and thought this would be great and looks very easy. I am so glad I saw your Pin and read your blog. I dreaded the thought of repainting but, this sounds so easy that I am going to buy it. I am so excited and can’t wait to make my 1968 cabinets look new again.

  65. Hi Lindsay,

    This looks like a great product.

    I have oak color kitchen cabinets that I want to make a darker color. But I also want to put on new doors. Do you know if I would get the same color from the product on the oak cabinets as I would on unfinished new wood doors?


  66. I still have my bedroom set from my teens that is a terrible faux wood laminate. It has a chest of drawers (4 drawers), a 6 drawer dresser, and a nightstand. I was wondering what size kit would suit this project? Thank you :)

    • Hi Brenda!

      I would probably go for the large kit, but I don’t really know. I think you should measure them and figure out how many square feet you have to transform. They have the coverage area listed on the box. That would be the best way to make sure you weren’t buying too much or too little.

      Good luck!

  67. I have kitchen cabinets i was planning on using this on, my only question is the cabinets with an outside edge have the woodgrain “sticker”/laminate if you will. How do i go about this with these pieces ?

    • Hi Louis-

      I’m fairly certain you would just paint it the same way as the rest of the cabinets. However, I’d advise you giving Rustoleum a call, as they have probably tested on that type of surface before. You can reach them at 888-577-8459.

  68. hi I think this stuff sounds great but im wondering how the finish will turn out because my cabinets are white melamine but are trimmed out with a redwood colored hardwood real 80’s I wasnt sure if it would all flow together once its painted..what do you think?

  69. Do you have to apply this with a paint brush or could you use a roller or a sprayer also?

    • Hi Melissa – You can do it either way. If you want to glaze the whole piece, you’ll want to use a paint brush because the glaze settles into the brush strokes. If you only want the one color, you can use a roller or a sprayer.

  70. mary williams says:

    has anyone tried this on metal cabinets, I have metal and cannot afford to replace but they so need to be painted. let me know. Thanks

  71. I saw this product today and would love to use it. My concern is that my cabinets have already been painted once. Do people think it would still work effectively?

  72. Roxy Venegas says:

    I have a question, the home we purchased has the cheap cabinets(partical wood) with the plastic on top, I think. Would this work on my cabinets? Would I have to remove the top layer then start the project? Ive seen many transformations and I love the results, just not sure if I could benefit from using this product as well.

    Thank you,

  73. Hi Lindsay, Just came across your site and I love it! I am getting ready to buy this for my kitchen and reading your post has inspired me. Is the deglosser used to remove ANY gloss or shine on the cabinets? If they have polyurethane on them, will this deglosser work to remove it all?

  74. i love this look! My cabinets are exactly like this….which color did you use?

  75. i have an older home with painted cupboards. Will this product still work?

  76. Hi Lindsay, I am replacing my corner diagonal kitchen cabinet with a new one which has beveled glass in it. The outside color of this cabinet is dark brown and I want to also paint the inside of the cabinet area which looks like white melamine to be the same dark brown color. It is the same material as the white shelves inside the cabinets. Since I cannot remove this out to paint, please advise if I can paint this area without any streaks and do I have to use a deglosser to remove any gloss or shine on the surface. Would love to try this product.